Powder Ride Program for Advanced Players Who Really Want to Slip in Tomamu-Part XNUMX. Cat Tour-

Hoshino Resort Tomamu, one of the largest stay-type snow resorts in Hokkaido, has a variety of courses and activities that satisfy skiers and snowboarders of all levels, but this time, they really want to slide down the snow in Hokkaido. I would like to introduce a program for shredders.

Karifuri-dake CAT TOUR to enjoy the powder run of the notebook rack

One of the programs is a guided backcountry tour by CAT in the Karifuri-dake area, which is about 20 minutes by car from the Tomamu slopes.This tour pioneered Mt. Karifuri, and a guide who is familiar with the terrain and conditions of this place will choose the best route for the tour day, so you can taste delicious powder.

The terrain is varied and you can enjoy it without getting bored no matter how many you skate in one tour (on average, about 1 skate in one tour!).If you climb the Karifuri-dake area by snowmobile (CAT), you will see a magnificent view of Hokkaido at the top of the mountain.Of course, only tour participants can enjoy this view.It is a merit of CAT tour that you can skate this number of times a day without fatigue due to hike-up.The altitude difference of the cumulative gliding is about 1 meters, and the pleasing open barn gliding gives you the best floating feeling.In addition, the atmosphere is preeminent and the taste is guaranteed at lunch time in the large tent "Yurt"!It will be a luxurious day that will satisfy not only slipping but also food.

In addition to regular tours, there are also event tours where you can glide with famous riders.It's quite popular, and reservations fill up quickly every year, so we recommend checking and making reservations early. (The reservation status of the event tour here

CAT TOUR, which slides off the slopes, requires some level of gliding skills.You'll also need backcountry equipment, so be prepared and enjoy powder riding.

Period: October 22022, 1-November 15, 2022
Time: 8:20 ~ 16:00 * Travel time included
Price: 46,000 yen
* Advance credit card payment is required
* Free rental of avalanche gear (beacon, excavator, probe)
Capacity: 12 name
Target: 20 years old and over.Those who can slide and control in any place / snow surface condition (steep slope, tree run, bad snow, deep snow, rough terrain, etc.).Those who can predict danger and avoid it safely.
Reservation: Official website (https://www.snowtomamu.jp) Requires advance reservation

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