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Cry out for climate change in the center of Shibuya <World Climate Action Climate March>

The race of snowboarders must be more sensitive to global warming than anyone else.You can't enjoy it without the snow, which is a gift from the sky...Luckily, we've been blessed with snow for the past two seasons, and we've had the best winter...

Camp-in festival "BEGINNING 10th Anniversary" where the Yokonori community gathered at the ski resort in midsummer.

BEGINNING2022 (August 8-20) was held this year as well as last year, with a limit on the number of people, mainly skateboarding and camping, as a countermeasure against COVID-21.ancestor...


Photo: Kage (riding), Takuro Hayashi Text: Takuro Hayashi "I thought I could make my ideal boots if I could get this good with BOA." Ta...

FREERUN September issue extra edition "SNOWBOARD BEST GEAR CATALOG 9/22" will be released on August 23th (Monday)!

We had a good snowfall last season, and I was able to enjoy snowboarding for a long time.The La Niña phenomenon is expected to continue this year.Maybe we can expect good snow!?This year's product...

The last festival event of the season "Mountain Wave 2022" @ Nagano / Hakuba Goryu

  Monkey May 5th to 13th."Mountain Wave 15" was held at Hakuba Goryu, Nagano.Many people are out of season at this event, and there are unrivaled snow mountain lovers from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south ...

"The Nines" Japanese Riders at the Next Generation Park (Part XNUMX)

"The Nines".Every time, the creative item stimulates the imagination of participants such as riders, photographers, and filmers, leaving behind wonderful techniques and pictures.This year's The ...


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NEW FACE / Maki Shimizu

Makishimizu is 178cm tall and is known for her dynamism that makes use of her long limbs.Regular switch, approaching his style that handles both dexterously. Q1: You mentioned that you are in your first year with the SP team.
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