THEDAYJAPAN2016 "SPONSOR YOU !!" screening event! !! !! !!


Thanks to you, it's over! !! !!

We would like to express our gratitude to those who came and supported us.

Your own slip as a professional snowboarder

How do you show it?

How do you want to express it?


I'm thinking about that every day

It's been XNUMX years since we started THEDAY JAPAN

In this way

I am very happy to be able to release the XNUMX-minute work made by snowboarder Asaga and cameraman Yanagita in front of everyone.

For the past year, I have been aiming for a new frontier.

It springs up from nowhere

I want to establish an original style that no one has ever seen

Follow your feelings purely

I rushed forward.


I'm really happy that it has become one form.

It seems that the pros and cons are already controversial, but ...

I'm looking forward to the open house! !!