NITRO's commitment to sustainability

In the snowboarding industry, various companies are working on global environmental issues. What about NITRO? To begin with, NITRO is a brand that is able to focus on intensive and efficient work by maintaining a family-like management style. There are great advantages for a company to be audited by investors and external organizations, but it is also important to go to factories and work with the people who are actually making the products through trial and error, making improvements, and deepening mutual understanding. There is nothing better than going. We have developed and manufactured products based on this belief. Of course, there is also the underlying idea that we should reduce our impact on the environment, and we consider the various burdens that product development and manufacturing have on the environment. NITRO's main focus is on extending the life of its products by incorporating high-quality materials and reliable production techniques. By doing so, they encourage consideration for the environment.


About specific initiatives
At NITRO, in cooperation with ClimatePartner, we accurately calculate the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from a product's manufacture to its disposal. The aim was to quantify these and work to improve work processes, and to offset what could not be reduced through tree-planting activities and environmental protection programs. As a result, the gear NIRTO currently manufactures has achieved 100% carbon neutrality. "This isn't about marketing. This is about our future." This is NITRO's philosophy and attitude to sustain winter fun.

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