YOROI's knee guard "Ooyori KNEE PROTECTOR AIRLY" that can be used all year round

A wrap-around type knee guard that is a reprint of the evolved large armor series. The tortoise shell patterned uneven molded EVA pad absorbs shock and protects the knees and shins. The body is made of soft, vented chloroprene rubber that prevents stuffiness, making it perfect for park riding in the spring season. Of course, he is also very active in skateboarding, skateboarding, and BMX during the off-season. Available in 2 sizes.

Size: SM/ML
Color: BLK
Price: Left: 9,800 yen (SM), Right: 10,800 yen (ML)

Excellent breathability
The back side has a built-in ligament guard to prevent it from slipping. There are countless ventilation holes, so you won't get stuffy. It also feels comfortable to wear thanks to the soft cushion padding.

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