Is it still jet lag?

It's already the XNUMXth day since Alz came ♪

After all Japan is good ↑↑↑

The rice is really good, you can understand the language, and you can put it in the hot springs, which is the best ☆

However, since the hotel in Alz is a buffet, I may have eaten too much and got a little fat ↓ ↓

It's dangerous if you don't train or run (laughs)

The pipe semi-final will finally start tomorrow ↑↑↑

I'll do my best ~

The roommates at this inn are Kazuumi and Gaku ♪

It's been the XNUMXth day since I came here, but there is a person who is sleeping next to me from about XNUMX o'clock (laughs)

I haven't completely recovered from jet lag, and I fell asleep at about XNUMX:XNUMX yesterday, so I'd like to do my best today and stay up until about XNUMX:XNUMX ↑↑