``RISING 36-PW'' that makes it easy to imagine skating on hard burns

The specifications have been adjusted to make it easier to imagine the feeling of sliding on hard snow.RISING isIt's no exaggeration to say that it's a fat-burning model that makes it easy to draw smooth, crisp, and unique turns, and allows you to consciously train your core and knee bending/extending movements. Equipped with a water bone, you can enjoy riding with a floating feeling. The deck is constructed of 5 layers of maple, 1 layer of fiberglass, and 1 layer of bamboo. Recommended weight is 60-90 kg.

Size: 91.4cm x 25.4cm
Color: Stain black + laser print
Price: 52,818 Yen

waterborne rail adapter
The tail waterbone rail adapter has a well-thought-out two-layer structure. The natural stain black with a laser-designed lightning bolt and logo design also creates a casual coolness.

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Even without snow, you can train your carving skills with YOROI®'s long skate

“FUSING 41-SW” is the first item that longskeling beginners want to get.

YOROI's knee guard "Ooyori KNEE PROTECTOR AIRLY" that can be used all year round


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