[23-24 New model] THE ALL NEW "EBI LYT"

"EBI LYT" is a new addition to head's CRUISER LINE. With its characteristic swallowtail shape, it excels at catching terrain in an instant. Introducing the perfect board!


Some days I'm lucky enough to get the first track in the powder, other days it's rough with the lines already in.On some days, you can also cruise the Grooming Barn, which has been beautifully maintained by craftsmen. The EBI LYT is a crystal of the technology that the head can have, and it is a perfect board that is good at skating according to the place and the moment.

optimized power transfer Triaxial fiber provides the best torsional properties by adding a 45° layer for even power transfer across the board 80% lighter than traditional wood cores By using a special honeycomb material, the hexagonal core achieves 1% weight reduction per 3cm80 compared to conventional wood cores. EFFORTLESS POWDER RUNS The hybrid camber POP construction is very versatile and the swallow tail contributes extra float to the board.

The use of Triaxial Fiber Assures improves torsion performance and evenly distributes power across the board.As a result, it has become possible to achieve a very smooth and stable riding.The characteristic swallow tail is the optimum shape to obtain buoyancy in the powder scene by using the hybrid camber POP structure.In addition, by reducing the weight of the hexagonal core located in the nose part, you can easily raise the nose without using unnecessary force.

Powder from grooming burn.Even rough conditions can be enjoyed with this one, and you can enjoy both cruising and high-speed carving.If you choose a board that fully supports all riding, there is no other than EBI LYT! !