24-25 model “INCITE LYT” x Hayuta Akagawa, Rina Yoshiya, Udon

``INCITE LYT'' will be a new release for the 24-25 season.It's been a long time since Snowbords has released a camber board, so the expectations of riders are high. This time, we explored the INCITE LYT's ride comfort, settings, and other attractive features from the perspectives of riders of different colors who are active in various fields.

When it comes to new releases, INCITE LYT. What was your first impression?

Akagawa:When I first rode it, I felt that it was a board with little deviation in turns and a good sharpness. I was able to feel the carving performance of the camber, which is not found in hybrid camber, and when performing tricks in the park, the edges gripped and I could feel the stability of tricks and landings.

Udon:My first impression of udon is that it's cool! The new head design is so cool that it makes me feel excited just holding it! The ride was stable during the free run, and the rebound from the ollie felt very good!

Rina:The first thing I thought was that there was no deviation in turns and it felt stable. Being able to approach the kicker without any deviation makes it very safe to take on the jump, and I also really like the way the edge bites when exiting the kicker. It was impressive that the twist was effective and it could fly without resistance.

Head Snowboards has released a camber board for the first time in a while, so expectations are high. I heard that it has good carving performance, good ollie rebound, and excellent stability without slippage, but was there any difference in ride comfort compared to a conventional camber board?

Rina:It's been a while since I last played a camber board, so I had an impression that it would be hard, but I found the Torsion board to be very easy to use and didn't take long to get used to. It's a playful piece that expands your range of styles and is fun to skate.

Udon:Udon was used to the softness and ease of handling of the EVERYTHING LYT's double camber, so at first I was under the illusion that the camber's good rebound was hard, so it took me a while to get used to it. However, by changing from EVERYTHING LYT to INCITE LYT, I was able to level up my snowboarding, expand my snowboarding skills, and enjoy snowboarding even more!

Mr. Akagawa distributes videos for people of various levels on Instagram and YouTube, and caters to a wide range of needs! Please give some advice to users who want to switch from hybrid camber to INCTE LYT.

Akagawa:The board has a flex that is not too stiff and feels easy to ride from the moment you ride it, making it enjoyable for a wide range of levels from beginners to advanced. I want to try everything. Recommended for those who want to enjoy various fields with one book!

What kind of lighting do you want to do with INCTIE LYT? What kind of writing is it suitable for?

Rina:I want to skate with stability and style! Since the rebound is effective, I want to aim for high and dynamic riding on jumps. I think this is a board that can handle everything from sharp gliding to park and grazing.

Udon:I found it very easy to make udon noodles! The INCITE LYT has a shape that flexes well in the middle while firmly supporting the nose and tail, so it was very easy to do things like point riding, which is recently popular in grator riding! It's a board that an Olympian like Rina can use for dynamic skating and jumping, but it also makes me realize how versatile the INCITE LYT is because it can also be used for udon!

Akagawa:The waist width of men's sizes varies considerably depending on the length. Short - Park/Gravity Standard - Park/Carving Long - Carving/Landry/Freeride Depending on how you choose the size, this board is suitable for any type of riding.

What level of rider is it recommended for?

Udon:I think it's recommended for those who want to improve their current level next season like udon! I think this is a board that will help me level up and expand the range of my current snowboarding skills! I also think it's a highly recommended board that people who don't usually ride twin cambers can enjoy as a play board such as Rantoori or Banked! We want you to experience the comfort and stability of the INCITE LYT!

Rina:I think it can be used with confidence even if you mainly want to skate in the park or want to hit big jumps.Or.

Akagawa:I want to learn carving and improve my park skills! This is an all-round board recommended for people who want to do everything. If you are having trouble finding a board to ride, this board is recommended.

I think you're good at pressing, but is it difficult to do that on a camber board?

Udon:I was worried at first, but as you can see in the video I posted on Instagram the other day, I was able to press it without any problems! Since the rebound is better than double camber, it is very easy to do one-outs and taps from the press! It's great because you can stably insert the approach and wait for the item to come out and insert it easily!

Big jump from GratoriOrHowever, there is a wide range of things that can be used safely! ! Rina-san, you are also a professional halfpipe skier, but what are your impressions of skating halfpipe and Banked, which you recently participated in?

Rina:I think it can also be recommended for halfpipe because of its stability! In fact, this year I also skied the halfpipe at INCITE, and the torsion worked well, the bottom run was stable, and it was very slippery. Banked was also able to respond smoothly to consecutive banks.

Please let us know what settings you are particular about when riding the INCITE LYT, and if you have any recommended settings.

Udon:Udon is 164 cm tall and rides a 144, but the recommended board stance is 52 cm, which I think is a little too wide for women.If it's too wide, it will be difficult to step on the jib, so Udon has a setback. I'm riding it at 50cm! Even with a setback, I can ski the jib, grator, and switch without any problems, and the free run actually improves stability, so I like this setting for Udon.

INCITE LYT is a twin board, but by adding a setback, you can ride it in various ways, and the range of stance adjustment is also great! !

Udon: Yes! Until last year, I used 2.3 boards depending on the scene, but this year I was able to enjoy one season with just one INCTE! This board is highly recommended for the currently popular hybrid snowboarders (those who do everything without being tied to one category)! !

Rina: I'm 149cm tall and ride 140cm, and like Mr. Udon, I find it difficult to step on the stance if it's too wide, so I changed the recommended stance from 50cm to 46cm. The usual angle is 15 degrees, but I swing my front foot at 18 degrees so that I can feel the board more easily.

Akagawa:The recommended setting is a duck stance that takes advantage of the twin shape! It is possible to add a setback, but I ride a twin duck for all-round riding.

Lastly, please tell us what you like most about INCIT LYT!

Akagawa:What I like most about it is that even though the swing weight is light, the board is extremely stable and easy to ride. The good thing about INCITE LYT is that the thickness in the middle of the board is changed, so it can be twisted well and it is easy to create styles that take advantage of torsion.

Udon:I love INCITE LYT's camber for udon noodles! It's been a long time since I've been riding a soft board, so it's been a while since I last rode a camber board.It feels so good to be able to pop the ollie and fly high! Now that I've ridden the INCITE LYT, I can now ollie higher than before, and it's so much fun to ollie on terrain and walls! I would like to participate in an ollie competition at INCITE LYT next year! I want everyone to experience the comfort of INCITE LYT's ollie!

Yoshiie:Anyway, I like that it has a great sense of stability and the torsion is easy to use! If you have a stable approach with the kicker, it will be easier to try techniques and you will be able to skate without slipping even on uneven slopes. The board is easy to step on and the edges bite when jumping off, so I can jump cleanly, so I feel like I've gotten better at snowboarding, and I love it.

The people who answered this interview were:

Rina Yoshiya Udon Hayata Akagawa