What does "heavy snow special warning tire chain regulation" mean?

It seems that the "examination of chain regulations" announced by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on December 12 is also buzzing online.
It seems that the reason why it is noisy is that it is said that even if you are wearing studless tires, you are obliged to attach a chain (= you can not run even with studless tires without a chain).

Generally speaking, "chain regulation" is the recognition that "chains must be attached for normal tires when it snows."In other words, if you are wearing studless tires, you don't need a chain. … But should I attach a chain?When.

When I first heard it, even though it was a part of the section during heavy snowfall, I couldn't run without a chain? Even if I wore studless tires !?I was thinking.

Actually, this is not a "little" heavy snowfall, nor is it a requirement for studless tires.

"Unusual snowfall such as heavy snow special warnings and emergency announcements for heavy snow"


"In the past, only vehicles with chains can pass in situations where traffic is closed."

It seems that.
(The word "mandatory" and "studless" were not mentioned in the materials of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. I think the details will be clarified in the future.)

We haven't got any specific information about when it will start or how much heavy snow it will be announced, but if you are in a situation where you are likely to get stuck in heavy snow that closes the road, take the chain. Maybe I can run.It seems that.In any case, when warnings and urgent announcements are made, it will be a disaster-grade heavy snowfall, so it is forbidden to overdo it.

And even if it's not that heavy snow, you don't know when and when it will hit, so it's safe to always have a chain in your car.

By the way, in 29, there were no special heavy snow warnings issued, and there were three urgent announcements regarding heavy snow.

There are 13 chain-restricted sections nationwide (7 highways and 6 directly controlled national roads).I will paste the image.

(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport"About efforts to secure road traffic during heavy snowfall"Than)