Sweet and bitter

The number of health goods is increasing in American rooms, and it seems that you will become a health nerd.

Slip from the first morning until the park closes,

Watching the girl anime Marmalade Boy on the bus and falling in love.Lol

Go home and take the illumination road

Take a bath
Eat the curry that you haven't made

Stretch and sleep.

Such daily repetition.



These items are geniuses ☻

It feels really good with a pinpoint like a button!


I used to watch Marmalade Boy when I was a kid

Looking back, I used to watch such complicated anime when I was a kid!I tought.

It's a very complicated romance. .. ..

Did I really understand what it meant when I was in the lower grades of elementary school?Lol

But Marmalade Boy
I like the most in love anime.

You can love it purely.Lol

I got emotional and became the main character in the bus w


Girls who haven't seen it yet should definitely see it. ♥ ︎


Ah.Good ♥ ︎lol