Hey title ~ What should I do?

Railroad ...

When I was a kid, I wasn't interested in it at all.
The moment I took this picture, I remembered that time ..

I was the only one who was skateboarding ...
So I couldn't talk to my friends.

Kayokyoku ...
Momoe Yamaguchi and Candies ... etc
I've been listening to Deep Purple since I was in elementary school ♪
I was only thinking about skateboarding every day, so I didn't listen to girls until junior high school students.

The nerd I'm talking about now ???
Only DEVIL Nishioka and STUSSY were pleased !!!!!


I've been working as an advisor for photography of leather shoes in Tokyo.
GQ is a famous magazine ...

Skateboarding with leather shoes



Tappythank you.


Ah, this guy I want someday ..


Jack Ramp. It's been 27 years since I surfed in Shizunami.

Sone ChinI'm an adult ~
Sho-chan, I skateboarded together for the first time in 26 years ~


I can't fly at all ,,,

Jijii who can't fly is just Jijii ..

Let's go with the volume !!
It will be 50 soon ,,,


Reuniting with the cabaret will make you feel better ...

JetsAlsoAiriWas also there


Fly? Can't fly ?? Don't fly ??? Don't fly ????


My teacher, Aki, gave me a shiki pool on the last day of the Tohoku tour.
Aki,Shiki,HassyAnd session & drink ~


Ah ~ No contents Blog ..

Read? Don't read ?? Can't read ??? Don't read ????

That's ok…

I'm going home