The result was..

Team Daikichi got third price!!!

When the awarding ceremony,

the KUMIYAMA staff wanted me to wear the high school uniform!
But if they asked me, I didnt have any reason to refuse it…
but too shy to wear school uniform though…

The good things of KUMIYAMA, it could be good to know each countries culture.
easey to make friends.
Also, the last day, we had a photo contest too.
all photographer in KUMIYAMA had to take cool phots and exhibit those photos.
The winner got a prize.

From 1st July till 9th, we had the contest, Party, night shooting…
Its sooooo fun to stay there!
We really enjoyed the first time staying in France!

Hope to see you guys in the next 2010 KUMIYAMA event!!!

this picture is me with school uniform, the guy next to me is winner, Charls reid.