K2 “Elevate Your Experience” MOVIE公開!

K2 Snowboardingよりチーム動画 “Elevate Your Experience” が届いた!
世界中のK2ライダーによるチームセッション。ゲレンデの地形やパーク、さらには自分たちでクリエイトしながらアイテム造成まで、様々な地形をFUNに遊び尽くしている。日本からも天海 洋が参加するなど、見応えのあるムービーになっている。

We needed some quality time with the gang, so we decided to rally (almost) the entire crew. The Pacific Northwest had a banner snow-year so we chose to bring everyone out to the Summit at Snoqualmie to shoot some photos, bond, and have some good times.

Featuring K2 Snowboarding Team Riders: Parker Szumowski, Tim Eddy, Mark Wilson, Leanne Pelosi, Jake Kuzyk, Yo Amagai, Johnny Brady, Stratton Matteson, Matt Belzile, Kael Martin, Alex Rodway, Greg Phillips, Destry Serna, Harry Green

Film: Nick Meilleur, Sam Tuor, Dan Mohr (Aerials):

Edit: Nick Meilleur,

Photography:Colton Jacobs, Colin Wiseman

Production Assistant:Alex Maros

Music:Flamingosis “Down For The Fifth Time” HOME “Head First” HOME “Resonance”

Huge thanks:Summit at Snoqualmie, Summit Parks, Dan Mayers, Matt Callahan


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