SP-Bindings (エスピービンディング)

SLAB SERIESus468101214XllmsCENTERED by disc/highbackperfectKIDDOus246XSFT4 SERIESus468101214LmsXLSIZESRESPECT!product shots: christian stemper pixel work: clara // artwork: o // words: lukas lengle // thanks to tom, andreas, gernot, mats, tim, axl, longo, ricci, alex, juraj, ludek, SPMFG, lucia, josie, eve, chenwen, george, debby, mr.cao, j.c. and his sta, SP riders & distributors, ... all articles and technical specications are subject to be changed without notice (c) 2018 SP United Worldwide Snowboarding // all rights reserved

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