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13.10.09 Mari at KUMIYAMA

Hello. My name is Mari Mizukami

Let me tell you my summer snowbording in France in 2009.

1st July,2009.I was invited to France from Japan for Snowboard and Freestyle ski event called “KUMIYAMA”
I went to Due2 Alps with 2Japanese guys and 3 freestyle skiers.
Me and 2 guys were a team.

We stayed nice condo in Les 2 Alps for free!

The contest was really New way to ride, 3person in one team, its better to Jump or do something 3 person together same time.
There were so many Japanese style creature things.
Like,gateway at the entrance to a Shinto shrine…

So that we could get cool photos that we couldnt get photos anywhere but KUMIYAMA.

They had a Halfpipe contest, and Hip contest and Slopestyle contest.