ZUMA's "FONTY WIDE & VINTAGE" has both sharp carving performance and buoyancy in powder.

It's exceptional to run through a grooming barn with beautifully compacted snow in a speedy turn.But on a snowy day, I want to taste the powder as well.Enjoy the first powder in the morning, and after eating the powder, enjoy carving. If you want to move quickly throughout the day, a board that allows you to enjoy both without having to change boards is the best.

ZUMA's 2022-23 models have a lineup of many models that you can enjoy carving turns, but the one I would like to recommend is the "FONTY WIDE & VINTAGE" that will satisfy you in both compacted snow and powder scenes. Although the shape of the two is different, both have excellent carving performance and are good at deep snow.

Because there are only a limited amount of good conditions, I want to choose a board that allows me to spend the best moment according to the situation.These two models will fulfill the demands of such snowboarders.

Wide board width creates outstanding buoyancy

Outline: Directional Twin
Camber Bent: Camber
Size: 157, 163cm
Price: 56,100 yen (tax included)

Wide version of FONTY, which has a reputation for straightness.It has both stability at high speed and good operability, and the supple flex enables edging as you imagine.With a wide waist width of 260mm, it has excellent buoyancy in deep snow.Because of its thickness, even riders with large feet do not have to worry about drag when turning.

Longer nose and setback position support powder riding

Outline: Directional
Camber Bent: Camber
Size: 138, 144, 150, 153, 158, 163cm
Price: 50,600 yen (tax included)

It has a directional shape that is suitable for sliding to enjoy turns, and realizes stable and comfortable carving turns. The 12mm setback stance position and long nose provide plenty of buoyancy in powder.We are happy to offer a wide range of sizes that even petite men and women can choose from.

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