Highly repulsive specifications that can be made because of YONEX !! The ability of the latest 20-21 "ACHSE" that strongly supports your skill improvement of Gratley

Strong support for improving your Gratley skills
"Jumping Gratley" board,New modelACHSE's ability

SIZE: 139, 142, 145, 148, 151, 154
PRICE: ¥ 79,000 + tax

I want to further improve my Gratley skills.Recently, my progress has been sluggish.I want to decide the technique smoothly with a board that is easier to ride.If you feel that way, I recommend you to try ACHSE. ACHSE adopts a structure called X MORE POP TIP, in which a long X-shaped carbon is placed from the feet to the tip to increase the flexibility and the repulsive force of the tip. Among YONEX's freestyle boards, its excellent repulsive force is a model that has been talked about this season as it gives a big advantage to performance improvement in Gratley, but next season it will evolve further and power up and appear. ..
YONEX has adopted a new structure called ISOMETRIC TIP for the newly developed park board STYLAHOLIC this season.
Have you ever heard the word "sweet spot"?The best place to hit a ball, such as a tennis racket or a golf club.In other words, the core part that maximizes the performance of the gear. STYLAHOLIC has succeeded in expanding the sweet spot of the chip part, which is the fulcrum of the trick, making it easier to use the repulsive force of the board and enhancing the sense of stability.It has received high praise from many snowboarders, including top riders.
YONEX will introduce the structure to the Gratley series next season.
As a result, ACHSE is even easier to use due to the improved flexibility and repulsive force of the tip due to the X MORE TIP.In addition, by also adopting EASYRIDE CAMBER with a gentle kick (R), smoother board control is possible and the expressive power of tricks is improved.
It has evolved into a board for gratri that is easier to handle with a flexible feeling.
With this new ACHSE, various tricks such as board press, spin, and ollie can be easily performed, and the optimum performance for "jumping gratri" is demonstrated.I'm sure it will take your trick level to the next level.

A sense of stability of X MORE TIP + ISOMETRIC TIP that produces high resilience
Compared to the conventional ACHSE, it has become wider with the change of the chip shape.What is important is not only that it is wide, but also that the sweet spots have expanded.By making the core of the tip part wider, the sense of stability is greatly improved.

Instead of the conventional round type tip, we adopted a new shape that has been proven to be powerful even in STYLAHOLIC, which secures the maximum area by cutting the rounded tip.

Flexible and easy to ride by adopting EASYRIDE CAMBER
The EASYRIDE CAMBER shape that makes the kick (R) shape 10% smoother and has a 7 cm flat part to make it easier to control the tip part.As the name implies, it enables EASY RIDE not only in terms of tricks but also in terms of ease of riding.


All models of the Gratley series will be new
GROWMENT and DELIC (for women), which are highly evaluated as an introductory and skill-up board for gratri, have also adopted ISOMETRIC TIP and EASYRIDE CAMBER, and will be completely renewed.

(left)GROWENT ★ SIZE: 148, 151, 154 ★ PRICE: ¥ 58,000 + tax (right)DELICATE ★ SIZE: 136, 139, 142, 145 ★ PRICE: ¥ 58,000 + tax

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