X Games Men's Super Pipe Ayumu Hirano (14) is the youngest to win a silver medal

The X Games Men's Super Pipe Final at Colorado Aspen.

Shaun White wins 98.0P.Ayumu Hirano (Hirano Ayumu, Niigata Prefecture, 14 years old), who was the only Japanese to advance to the final, won the silver medal, the youngest medalist in the history of the X Games, at 92.33P.

Ayumu, who was attracting attention as the youngest athlete in this tournament, passed the qualifying held on Friday in 6th place (16 out of 8 people passed).In the final, the routine of backside air melancholy love → front side 2 → cab 1080 → front side 1080 → back side 900 → front side double cork 900 is almost perfectly made.

With this record left by the X Games, which includes powerful Olympic medalists such as Shaun White and Scotty Lago, he became a snowboarder who drew attention from the media all over the world.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iixfNuMz6sI] The second Ayumu decided in front of my parents who rushed from Niigata.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eksn8bqj4Fo]2本目のBSメソッド→FSダブルコーク1080→Cabダブルコーク1080→FS540→BSダブルマックツイスト1260→FSダブルコーク1260というルーティーンが98.0Pをマークし、X Games6連覇という偉業を達成したショーンのラン。

X Games Men's Super Halfpipe Final Result
1.Shaun White 98.00
2. Ayumu Hirano 92.33
3.Markus Malin 91.33
4.Scotty Lago 90.00
5.Greg Bretz 84.66
6.Louie Vito 73.33
7.Christian Haller 36.66

X Games Men's Super Halfpipe Qualifying Results (1/25 Japan time)
1.Iouri Podladtchikov 87.33
2.Shaun White 87.00
3.Scotty Lago 82.66
4.Markus Malin 81.00
5.Matt Ladley 80.00
6. Ayumu Hirano 78.66
7.Christian Haller 76.00
8.Louie Vito 74.66
9.Greg Bretz 65.00
10. Ryo Aono 64.66
11.Nathan Johnstone 64.00
12.Luke Mitrani 63.00
13. Kazuhiro Kokubo 46.33
14.Brett Esser 41.66
15. Taku Hiraoka 16.00
16.Benji Farrow 15.33

The American media is also paying attention to the 14-year-old who breaks through the qualifying and challenges the powerful.Before the final, a special feature was set up on the tournament website.

Ayumu Hirano is scheduled to participate in the Burton European Open (2 / 4-9 Switzerland) and Burton US Open (2 / 25-3 / 2 Colorado) after this, and will return to Japan in mid-March. ..

Burton European Open (2 / 4-9 Switzerland),

Burton US Open (2 / 25-3 / 2 Colorado)

Ayumu will continue to have a hard schedule, but I really want him to show Japanese snowboarding to the world.

Ayumu, congratulations this time !! Japan is supporting you !!

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