WorldHeliChallenge2012 FreestyleDay

Kia Ora

I would like to express my sympathy for the heat.

From cool cool NZ

No, it's cold. 

Thursday, August XNUMXth, WorldHeliChallenge Freestyle Day

It's stand-by early at XNUMXam, but it's unusually normal because I was able to "sleep early".

Maybe the morning latte made by Abby is good again.

Waiting for the weather. ..

Will talks about going golf today.

Yeah, like that? ??

I decided to do it


. .

Suddenly from the heliport of the ranch to that top.

It's a great crap again. ..

This tournament is crazy. ..

It's awesome.

from on slope 


Take a breath without thinking.

Thanks Nature Pow Helicopter Lucky Tournament Sponsor Now Inspection

I came back


Yuuta Kiyohara (Capita)
What is Freestyle Day?
In the same way, how to slide down the mountain

Judges are all about tricks, aren't they?

Jib rather than speed, flow, and assembly line!That's the subject.

I wish I could express my own freestyle.

It was a mistake to make a kicker crisply in one inspection, but since the departure in the morning was delayed for about XNUMX hours due to the weather waiting, I said no, but when it starts, everyone makes it normally. Like. ..

Oh, I think I can fly over there. ..

I can't go there anymore, but I have no choice but to go for a one-shot game.