WHC 2012

Kia ora ..

8/16 (Thursday) WorldHeliChallenge 2012 Award Party

Freestyle day XNUMXnd place

Extreme day XNUMXnd place

Overall XNUMXnd place! !!

XNUMXst place is Will Jackways !! Female XNUMXst place Abby Lockhart !!

Three people got rid of it! !!Yeah!

XNUMXrd place is Antti Autti.

And this time, cinematographer will shoot, edit and show during the tournament.

Tomohiro Hujii from Japan participated and won the Carlton Dry Award and the CANON Best Movie Award! !! !! !! !! !!

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Each video creator makes a movie with their own sensibilities and shows each other.

That's a good idea.

more from

Tony Harriston and other tournament officials

Many thanks to my family, friends, sponsors and those who supported me

yea ,, JJ Thomas

Nick Devore from Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is also a place you want to visit at least once

From Freestyle Day.

Landing check.Other line checks.

This year, Kazu from SBN, Tomo from Filmer, Yuta Kiyohara and Japanese people.It was a good feeling again.

In untracked, there is also a live stream for the award party.

Thank you very much.