The snowboard season has arrived !!
You want to have fun on the slopes this season as well.
It's a new item that makes you feel like that.
In particular, clothing can change your mood as if you were renewed.
That's why I want to decide on fashion.If you stand on the slopes, you are sure to be seen by someone.
From the top of the lift, from the bottom of the slope, from the rest house, it is a place called the slope that somehow checks each other.
And in the pure white world of snow, the colors of the clothes you wear can be seen more clearly than in the city.
That's why wear is important and fashionable mind is important.So what kind of clothing should I choose?You're worried.
Therefore, in order to solve the problem of choosing snowboard wear, let's divide the fashion trends and countermeasures for choosing wear into the first part (girl's part) and the second part (men's part) and check them carefully.
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A warm coach jacket that is also popular this season

The coach jacket has become popular from the men's line, but it is also very popular among girls now.But I don't like being cold just because it's cool.Therefore, the mainstream of popularity is the warm coach jacket, which is fully functional as snowboard wear.What is even more worrisome is the back print.Choose a smart design that looks like a girl.

Also comes with a removable inner vest
Popular with Shaak Ti Sprint
ARG / ARJ9002 (jacket) + ARP9007 (pants) + ARG9023 (gloves)
ARG's coach jacket comes with a removable inner vest, which is very convenient to use from the top season to the spring season.The hood is also made of a different material from the clothing material and is stylish.The Shaak Ti sprint is well-balanced and the back style is cool.Furthermore, the silhouette of the pants is a very beautiful slim fit.I'm glad that the waist adjuster belt fits tightly in the right position and the style can be adjusted.

ARJ9002 (jacket) BURGUNDY ★ OTHER COLOR: NAVY, BLACK ★ PRICE: ¥ 27,000 ★ SIZE: S, M, L
ARP9007 (pants) NAVY ★ OTHER COLOR: BLACK, BURGUNDY ★ PRICE: ¥ 22,000 ★ SIZE: S, M, L
ARG9023 (Glove) BLACK ★ PRICE: ¥ 5,900 ★ SIZE: S, M, L
The back print is an arrangement of the shark design that appeared in the ARG lineup last season.The chic design makes it very easy to wear

With removable hood
You can also enjoy coordination with another hoodie
MARVEL FANTASY / MF61912 (jacket) + MF61915 (pants)
In addition to the girl-friendly design such as the inner flap that reduces the rubbing of the neck and the inner quilt with high heat retention, the hood is removable so you can change the atmosphere by combining it with a hoodie of another color.The pants are also very warm with a brushed tricot that reduces the coldness of the buttocks when sitting, and the silhouette is also beautiful.

MF61912 (Jacket) OLV ★ OTHER COLOR: BGD, M.BLU, BLK ★ PRICE: ¥ 24,000 ★ SIZE: S, M, L
MF61915 (Pants) DENIM ★ OTHER COLOR: BLK, PINK, BGD, BEG, M.BLU, GRY, OLV, YEL ★ PRICE: ¥ 22,000 ★ SIZE: S, M, L

Appeal the cuteness and monopolize the attention of the slopes

The slope is like a pure white canvas, and the number one attention is the wear that boldly uses a girlish print pattern. For those who say, "I'm not good at printing patterns because they are too flashy," you can make the jacket a little more subdued, or combine the pants with a dark color to make the atmosphere quite calm and easy to wear. Think and choose.If you have two pants, the fun of coordination will be doubled.

The bright color scheme is beautiful and fun
ARG / ARJ9001 (jacket) + ARP9006 (pants) + ARG9022 (gloves)
Arrange the letters of ARG into a beautifully colored print pattern.Furthermore, the white zipper is an accent.You can enjoy a beautiful color scheme based on white. The combination with PINK pants is very good, but the coordination with the calm color is perfect.

ARJ9001 (jacket) LOGO WHT ★ OTHER COLOR: GALAXY ★ PRICE: ¥ 26,000 ★ SIZE: S, M, L

With a design using a slightly calm color
Casually appealing individuality
MARVEL FANTASY / MF61911P (jacket) + MF61915 (pants)
This is also a color scheme while incorporating the brand name into the design well.Pink is also a slightly lighter color, so it feels a little calm, and if you choose a dark color for your pants, you will have an elegant and mature look.

MF61912 (Jacket) LEAF ★ OTHER COLOR: WING, BUTTERFLY ★ PRICE: ¥ 24,000 ★ SIZE: S, M, L
MF61915 (Pants) GRY ★ OTHER COLOR: BLK, PINK, BGD, BEG, M.BLU, OLV, YEL, DENIM ★ PRICE: ¥ 22,000 ★ SIZE: S, M, L

Let's wear trendy bicolor smartly

Bicolor is a design that uses two colors in one item.It is characterized by the fact that the boundaries between colors are linearly separated, and that there is a large difference in the shades of the combined colors.Bicolor is a popular item because it is easy to wear even in girls' wear.

With a unique bicolor with a flower pattern
Appeal cuteness
Even though it's bicolor, this is also an ant.Bicolor with flower design.The surprising matching of denim pattern and flower pattern seems to shine on the slopes.If it's white, it's even more cute!A color scheme that makes it easy to wear a combination of denim and beige.Bicolor clothing is recommended because it has the advantage of making the silhouette look more beautiful.

(From left) DENIM, WHITE, BEIGE ★ PRICE: ¥ 27,000 ★ SIZE: S, M, L

Cool diagonal cut bicolor
Anyway, for a girl who wants to slide coolly
Marvel Fantasy / MF61911S
A jacket that is boldly cut back at the top and bottom with diagonal cuts.It's also nice that the front chest pocket is arranged slightly diagonally.In addition, the letters "MVL FTS", which stands for the brand name Marvel fantasy, are printed on the left sleeve, doubling the asymmetry.The point is that the feeling seen from the right and left is different.For those who want to attack hard, GRY x BLK is also recommended.For those who want to be girlish, DENIM x BGD.

(From left) GLY x BLK, DENIM x BGD ★ PRICE: ¥ 24,000 ★ SIZE: S, M, L

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