"We Are The Future." ~Children connecting Japan and America~ Chapter 4 From Japan. Park environment in Japan, Hakuba 47

In recent years, the rise of young Japanese snowboarders has been remarkable.How do they acquire the skills to be active in the world at such a young age?A serial project that focuses on the next generation, especially children up to the age of 13 who can be registered for FIS competitions, and explores their development environment.Yukie Ueda, who spent a period as a professional herself and now actively supports her son's activities, based on the commonalities and differences seen from the characteristics of the snowboarding environment in Japan and the United States that she actually saw. Consider.Chapter 47 focuses on the park environment in Japan.A session with locals held at the Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park (XNUMX below), which is highly rated by Japanese riders traveling to the United States.What did you get from reuniting with your friends who practiced together at off-training facilities during the summer?

Cooperation:Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park,Coco palm

Photo & Text: Yukie Ueda

Japanese park environment

I often heard the name "47 PARKS" (name of 47 parks) from park riders who came to America from Japan.The mammoth park is popular not only for the perfection of the items but also for the good turnover rate on the park lift, but 47PARKS also says that items are easy to flow.In addition, since the park is located on the north side of the mountain and the snow does not melt easily, it seems to be popular for being able to enjoy it for a long time until around Golden Week.In Japan, I have often seen large kickers that appear in spring on social media.

What do Japanese parks look like, and how do Japanese snowboarders enjoy themselves?An 11-year-old tiger visiting from America desperately wanted to skate the park with her mates during her stay in Japan.

If you're going to go to the park, you're going to the park that the riders praised highly, so I decided to stop by 47 on this trip.47PARKS, which I visited for the first time, was a playful and imaginative area.The size of the kicker was still small, but the jib items were well spaced and the flow to the lift platform was very smooth.Also, the lanes are divided according to the level, making it fun for beginners to advanced players.

The front is the kicker for advanced players, and the one in the back is the kicker for beginners and intermediate players.
A jib item follows the kicker
When Jibrain ends, go straight to the lift platform.very smooth flow

The convenience of being able to move from the base of the ski resort to the vicinity of the entrance of the park with a single gondola and the short lift next to the park.The gondola and lifts are on both sides of the park, so many people can see the park, which is the best Agaru location.

The park will be even more exciting if there is a gallery

Keiji Okamoto is the producer of 47PARKS.He also has a career as a professional snowboarder and has been involved in park production for many years.Keiji-kun, who is still active in the front line as a Paralympic athlete, is also good at playing with terrain.That's why you can create a park with a good flow from the standpoint of the skier.

You can see the entire park while riding the lift, so you can see how good riders are skating, and you can find out where they are skating at a glance.

Keiji Okamoto, who manages this park.As expected of an entertainer, he is wearing a yellow jacket.
Shows how to play the whole park using not only items but also terrain
A tiger playing on the terrain following Keiji's line
Light backflip with a kicker with a tiger right behind
An adult who showed a playful run and a child who was perfect

Hakuba local kids and session

Joining us at 47 were local kids from Hakuba, as well as friends who were with us at freeride competitions and off-training facilities.I was overwhelmed with passion for the reunion on the snow with my snowboard on.

White horse friends.From left to right: Minato, Tora, Izu, Rensuke
Tora happy to meet Kaito, who was his classmate at elementary school in Hakuba
A friend who was with me at the off-training facility, etc.Mutsuho, Riki, Tora, Ruki from the left

The children's session has started.
Mutsuho Natsume is a 6th grade elementary school student who is small but can ride a board well.She used to enjoy sessions at tree runs in freeride competitions and this time in the park.

Children's train jump!
Mutsuho doing a series of difficult spins

Rinto Mikuni, who practiced with me at the off-training facility, is well-respected for his good jumps and jibs.She has practiced jib items with airbag jumps and brushes, but this time it's a park on snow.It is a site where the original skill of snowboarding is tested.Under such circumstances, Rindt's board judgment shined conspicuously even on the snow.

Rindt stylishly fires a series of difficult spinning techniques
A dream co-star on the snow with Rindt, who practiced with Jib at the off-training facility

Cheers erupted from the top of the futo every time they landed a move.This is also a nice part of the atmosphere of 47PARKS.

Beautiful Hakuba Federation

It is no exaggeration to say that the charm of Hakuba lies in its magnificent scenery.The view from 47 on a clear day is breathtaking.The White Horse Federation suddenly appeared in the blue sky.The figure of jumping vigorously against the backdrop of the pure white snow-capped mountains was like jumping into a magnificent scenery.

Jump with the beautiful Hakuba mountains in the background
A jib item that jumps into the scenery

The kids enjoyed a free ride to the bottom while the park was being maintained.Become a train, find a wall, hit it, jump off the detour, and hit the powder on the side in order.Terrain play stirs the imagination.Snowboarders all over the world have more fun with their friends.

Free run session between park maintenance
find a wall and hit it
Apply powder to the armpits in order

It is said that Japanese children spend more time practicing at off-training facilities, but by demonstrating the skills they have cultivated at the facility, they were able to fully enjoy the true joy of snowboarding on the snow.The snowboarding practice with airbags and brushes is definitely utilized in this way for sliding on real snow.

The bond between Japan and the United States, the bond between snowboarders and skaters

In Hakuba, there is an indoor skate park called TP (True Players), and the level of skateboarding for children is high.
The local skater kids who gathered this time, Izuru Nagahara, Rensuke Izumi, and Minato Nakashima are riders of the local shop ALUT and top-level skaters in Japan. is.Growing up at the foot of Hakuba, they are good at not only skating but also snowboarding.

Center) Children taking a commemorative photo with Hakuba local Yuji Nagahara (Euro), who finished 8th and won the All Japan Championship at the X Games SK4 held in Chiba last year, and who is looking forward to the next Olympics.

Tigers are being pushed by them in the skatepark, but on the snow it's like the opposite.On this day they were following the tiger and trying their first advanced jump.
"Do you think we can go?"
"I can go! Follow me and check the speed."
Tora gave them advice and showed them an example, and they followed one after another to try their first advanced jumps.

Izu flew with a stylish glove
Rensuke was cautious, but it was his first advanced jump.
Minato getting used to it and getting high ollies

A few days later, Izu and Tora were both on the lift. "I want to skate with 47 again", and the last session of the two was held before returning to the United States.

Tora and Izu discussing something on the lift

A tiger that slowly turns 360 to become a model.While confirming the speed, Izu turned 360 for the first time and landed beautifully.One summer, she recalled how Izu showed her how many times when Tora dropped into the big vertical of the skatepark for the first time.

Izu started spinning beautifully
A tiger that flies like a role model
Izu who also attacked jib items
I was able to overcome my fear because I had friends

The appearance of pushing and encouraging each other to challenge each other.It's the same in skating, snowboarding, America and Japan.

The joy of skating with friends is common in Japan and the United States
you laughed a lot
I'm sure we'll ski together on this mountain again

The reason why a tiger from America wanted to skate a park in Japan.I understood the meaning.
Japan's parks are built in compact terrain, and they're smaller than America's, but the people who skate there are local.Nothing is more fun than skating with them.Locals know how to play on the slopes and delicious food at rest houses.It's the power of the locals that makes it many times more fun than skating by yourself.

That's why I want my friends who come to Japan from America to skate with local Mammoths.Sessions with local friends should broaden their snowboarding horizons.

"We Are The Future." ~Children who connect Japan and America~ Serial project

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