"We Are The Future."-Children connecting Japan and America-Chapter 3 From Japan. Snowy mountains in Japan, Niseko (Part XNUMX)

From the left, Yuga, Tora, Riki, Taiga (Photo: Takahiro Nakanishi)

In recent years, the rise of young Japanese snowboarders has been remarkable.How do they acquire the skills to be active in the world at such a young age?A serial project that focuses on the next generation, especially children up to the age of 13 who can be registered for FIS competitions, and explores their development environment.Yukie Ueda, who spent a period as a professional herself and now actively supports her son's activities, based on the commonalities and differences seen from the characteristics of the snowboarding environment in Japan and the United States that she actually saw. Consider.Chapter 4 is set in Niseko, Japan.What impact does the experience of skating in a different place and with different friends have on your skating?

Cooperation:Niseko Tokyu Grand Hirafu,ニセコ ナイテッド,Coco palm

Photo: Yukie Ueda, Takahiro Nakanishi, Sergeant Takeda
Text: Yukie Ueda

Yotei and elementary school snowboarders

During the shooting of elementary school snowboarders in Niseko, Mt. Yotei, which is not often visited in January, made a beautiful appearance.The blue sky and the pure white powder that spreads all over the place raises the children's excitement.There was a mixture of nervousness and anticipation on their faces as they boarded the Kinglift heading to the summit.The diamond dust in the cold air was glittering.

Mt. Yotei peeks out beautifully as if watching over the little ones.

When we started preparing for the powder shoot, Yuga started climbing the slope by himself, saying, "It's faster if you start from the top."Led by it, the other children also begin to climb.When everyone got tired, the younger spoiled boy Taiga took the lead and started climbing again with momentum.Everyone who sees it follows.Where does that power come from in such a small body?

Because I have friends, I can do my best to climb

Under the watchful eye of Mt. Yotei, they sprayed powder many times their body weight and flew over large cliffs where they could not see their landings.

A tiger jumping out of the cliff in a beautiful style
Yuga flying towards Mt. Yotei

I was able to do my best thanks to my friends and the soft Niseko snow that made me think I could do it.

Riki said he made the biggest jump ever (Photo: Sergeant Takeda)
Yuga doing a backflip from Cliff (Photo: Sergeant Takeda)
Taiga using its entire small body to spray (Photo: Sergeant Takeda)
Fun friends who made me feel like I could do anything and the quality of snow (Photo: Sergeant Takeda)
Little brave snowboarders

We always skied carefully so that they wouldn't get buried in the deep snow.Adults always follow the children as they slide, and sometimes they plunge into the snow and pull out small bodies stuck in the snow.

However, the little snowboarders were fearless and brave enough to plunge into the powder and glide through the trees.Follow the line that someone flew. "If he can do it, I can do it too."

"Those guys are amazing."
I heard these words in both Japanese and English from all over the slopes.
The four colorful little motorcycle gangs running wild in the pure white mountains definitely stood out.

A small biker gang on the slopes (Photo: Takahiro Nakanishi)
Continue on the train! (Photo: Takahiro Nakanishi)
Any line that someone flies will fly (Photo: Takahiro Nakanishi)
Elementary school riders keep sliding even in the snow (Photo: Takahiro Nakanishi)
Resting in the snow (Photo: Takahiro Nakanishi)
Niseko night game

Speaking of Niseko, Hirafu's night game.This is so comfortable that he can only dream of it.Once you taste it, you will want to come back here again.Last season, the gondolas in the Hanazono area began operating at night, creating an environment where children can come ski after school.

It's okay if you're with friends on a freezing lift (Photo: Takahiro Nakanishi)

The low temperature in Hokkaido compared to Honshu is an unknown world.Niseko, which is close to minus 15 degrees Celsius even during the day, is even colder at night.That's why snow is good.The children squealed and slid to the readings of the thermometers.

Dive into the fantastic world of night-time lighting (Photo: Takahiro Nakanishi)
Night skiing in the snow is the best (Photo: Takahiro Nakanishi)
It's so cold...
bond of little snowboarders

They were born and raised in different places and have snowboarded in their own ways, but over the past few days, they've become closer and closer.And now it's time to return to their respective lands.Encounters and reunions are embarrassing, and parting is a little lonely.

You did your best!praise each other with
let's skate together again

If you keep snowboarding, you will definitely meet again.
Just like we, parents, are now skating together while supporting our children.

This encounter will surely serve as food for each of us in the future

The world is big.The scenery you always saw, it must have been different from your comrades.
Yes, there is such a world in Japan, and there are many interesting people in different lands.
And beyond the sea lies an even wider world.
With the tool of snowboarding, it's very easy to make friends all over the world.
Knowing that will broaden your horizons and make you realize that the possibilities are endless.

Friends who spent several days together
We laughed a lot and the distance was shortened
Good luck to all the fathers!Thank you Mt Yotei

I spend a lot of time practicing and competing since I was a child, but snowboarding is much more than that.Seeing a different world might make you love where you are now.I may do my best.And you can always jump out into another world, if you have the courage.

I am sure that this experience will be put to good use in each stage that will begin in the future.

Let's have another session! (Photo: Takahiro Nakanishi)

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"We Are The Future." ~Children who connect Japan and America~ Serial project

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