Good news for those who want to be free from the hassle of waxing!Introducing a special wax service that does not require maintenance wax for about 25 days

It's fun to prepare for the run day.One of them is to choose wax considering the condition of the mountain you are going to.To be honest, many people find it annoying to wax (& peel off) by themselves every time.

Introducing a new wax service that we would like to inform such people.Its name is "Mountain Life Wax (MLW)".
What are the characteristics?

[Characteristics of Mountain Life Wax]
1. XNUMX.Achieves sustainability and gliding with state-of-the-art machines and special wax developed independently
With the world's most advanced tuning machine and special wax developed independently, wax maintenance is not required for an average of 25 days of gliding days, about 300 to 400 km (according to the company's survey).

2.Skilled craftsman tune-up improves gear and special wax performance
Before special wax processing, the careful tune-up of skilled craftsmen improves the customer's gear performance and special wax effect (except for the REGULAR menu).

XNUMX. Significant reduction in conventional wax costs
Once finished with "MLW", the board does not require wax for each run, and there is no need to make a pre-season base, reducing expensive wax costs (40% reduction according to the company's calculation).

XNUMX. Start a new board life by effectively utilizing the "time" created by freeing you from waxing work.
MLW processing does not require pre-season base making or waxing the day before gliding.Maintenance at the end of slipping is as simple as brushing the dust on the surface for a dozen seconds.You can effectively utilize the "time" that has been freed from the waxing work that used to take time.

This new wax was completed in April 25 by the research and development of Mr. Uchida, the current representative of Advanced Technologies Japan, who was a staff member of a snowboard specialty store in Osaka, and Mr. Naruyoshi Kataoka, a board tune craftsman.And from this season, the special wax "MLW" processing service will be on sale in earnest.The processing service is completed in about 4 to 1 weeks by receiving snowboards and skis from customers and using the "MLW" original processing process (STEP 10 to 2).

This is information that can be disclosed to the public, and it seems that it will actually go through its own process.Mountain Life Wax is completed by making full use of many times more labor, time, machine and technology than before.

Careful processing is performed one by one by Mr. Naruyoshi Kataoka's skillful technique_Structure processing
Sole check
It will also repair depending on the condition (separate estimate)

(Photo: Naoaki Mizumoto)

■ Contract professional rider

Takahiro Taniguchi, Isao Seki, Keisuke Kato, Tomoki Ito

Takahiro Taniguchi
Seki Gong
Keisuke Kato

■ Service plan (main ones)
(snow board)
New product
・ MLW processing only ¥ 15,400 (tax included)
・ Pre-sanding + MLW ¥ 19,800 (tax included)
・ Prestructure + MLW ¥ 24,200 (tax included)
・ Custom structure + MLW ¥ 27,500 (tax included)

Used board
・ Sanding + MLW (* 1) ¥ 22,000 (tax included)
・ Structure + MLW (* 1) ¥ 26,400 (tax included)

New product
・ MLW processing only ¥ 15,400 (tax included)
・ Prestructure + MLW ¥ 19,800 (tax included)

Used board
・ Structure + MLW ¥ 20,900 (tax included)

* Delivery time 2-4 weeks
* After arrival, if there is a need for repair, we will contact you for a separate quote.

If you have 25 days of skiing in the season, you can spend the whole season with just one wax service.
This new wax service may create a new snowboarding life.

This time, 3 people who read this article will receive an "MLW" service as a gift!
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The application deadline is January 2021, 1 (Friday)

■ Contact
Advanced Technologies Japan
TEL: 070-8377-3788
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