From Wanaka

Kia ora

Lake Wanaka. ..

From Rippon wine yard.

It's beautiful~.

I slipped on the mountain in the back. @WHC

Mt. Albert et al.

Maori's Tribal Art Deck @CHOP

It's cool.

If you come to Wanaka, you should definitely visit Chop

While having a flat white

Cycling lake side Wanaka with Will Jackways

Dinosaur Leila in Lake Wanaka.

It's a little dog.

Happy white horse on the shore of the lake, Smokey

Rippon Wine Yard

A wine yard with an adult taste that is astringent throughout

Style to drink all tasting

Part of WHC activity.

This person, Point North Heli (AK), is also a helicopter guide.


This year's King Of The Hill Will Brommelsiek and the poster Janina Kuzma (skier on WHC).

With Mikey Basich and Wanaka.

It's a nice town.


Also from CHOP.

You have a good chari ~

Kia ora