VIVA Winter Park

Hello, this is CAP.I repeatedly moved like a fool and returned to Japan.I head to Winter Park the next day without knowing why I couldn't get rid of the feeling of incomplete combustion at Copper Mountain on the first day.FullSizeRender⬆️ This is the first time for CAP.Copper and Keystone (no season pass tie-up), Bricken Ridge (also no tie-up) famous for the park, and Vail, the world-famous venue for the BURTON US OPEN (obviously). It was a blind spot resort that was located a little away from areas such as (no tie-up) and was always off the "Let's go here! List" ...

IMG_2694⬆️ Ohhhhh.The atmosphere is good.Overlooking a small village with a free gondola (standing and no windows) extending from the parking lot, you can see the Westland of Disneyland.IMG_2741⬆️ I'm excited about the good atmosphere.There is a good reason why this is Westernland style, and it is the passing point of the transcontinental railroad (Southern Pacific Railroad), and the entrance and exit of the long railroad tunnel "Moffat Tunnel" that crosses the difficult Rocky Mountains. It seems that it connects the east and west of the United States thanks to the railway tunnel with a total length of 1928 km completed in 10.In other words, it seems that Winter Park has a unified design for the entire resort because it is the driving force behind the development of the western part (= Western Land).

IMG_2706⬆️ However, once you enter the mountain, the appearance of the archetypal west disappears, and it is a big resort that gathers the best of modern technology.A huge mountain with many peaks like Alz, with an efficient and ultra-high-speed lift.Moreover, the slopes are not monotonous and there are many twisted parts, so the terrain is completely unsatisfying. .. ..This was also a complete blind spot.After all, Taka said, "I wonder if it's monotonous and only Mt. Dekai," but no, I can enjoy it a lot.

FullSizeRender 2⬆️ Of course, there are parks everywhere by level, and 22ft super pipes are also available.Somehow I feel that the snowboarder ratio is higher than that of Copper. The reason why the copper was incompletely burned in terms of CAP.It was due to the "monotonous terrain".

IMG_2680⬆️ It's up to you to look at the pictures taken from the lift and think "just a bumpy slope!" Or a steep slope with steep banks.I've been sliding on this kind of terrain for over 15 years, but I've completely forgotten that I'm in Alz or Nekoma.The feeling of remembering the line seen from the lift and applying the terrain without going crazy.I completely forgot. .. ..Not only the steep slopes, but also the grooming runs on the middle slopes are wide one-sided slopes, so I could understand that it is a mountain that is in a good mood for side-riding snowboards.

FullSizeRender 4⬆️ The Alts Nekoma common pass is Copper, here Winter Park, and a steamboard a little further away.These three locations are available, but Winter Park is definitely recommended.However, if you look closely, the one-day ticket is 3 $! ️ It's definitely better to use Seapass.Moreover, the restaurant on the mountain is a little higher than Copper? The terrain and mountains are wonderful, but the price was still Colorado price.

Will the interview tour start with a good feeling of sliding on the steep slopes of nature for the first time in a long time?


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