[Video available] Let's hear the inside story from the Olympic athletes

2018/07/14 At an event called "Summer Festival" that mobilized 40,000 people at Niigata Toki Messe

I was invited by the moderator of "Girls Rider Talk Show"

Three girl riders who impressed all over Japan at the Pyeongchang Olympics held that year

Was invited as a guest

Yuka Fujimori Pro

Asami Hirono Pro

Sena Tomita Pro

In the free time of the day

When everyone went around Toki Messe


The content was too interesting

The video files that were about to be stored due to the small fish size of My PC and various circumstances

I was able to revive just recently ... (-.-;

(I'm sorry everyone)

Since it was summarized quite humorously, I would like to publish it in two parts, the first and the second part.

As expected, the top riders who fight the world showed that talking is also world-class (laughs).

It was quite a radical one,

The second half was finished more radically


Easy C ~ Mini ~ \ (^ o ^) c


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