Udon girl #2 AKIRA

The third one
Working as a head ambassador
Udon girl "AKIRA'

AKIRA told me that he likes jibs and kickers, and that he mainly skates in the park.
What is her commitment


QXNUMX: How did you start snowboarding?What kind of skating do you usually do?

AKIRA: When I returned to my hometown for the year-end and New Year holidays, I was invited by a local friend to go there for the first time!
After that, I only went on tours with friends and on the Shinkansen occasionally, but when I went to Snova Mizonokuchi for the first time, I got hooked.I like jibs and kickers, so basically I skate parks.


QXNUMX: I heard that the reason you became a head ambassador was Udon-chan's "NEXT" event.
What do you think was the decisive factor in being chosen as an ambassador?

AKIRA: I had a relationship with udon before, so I learned about the event through that connection!
I thought it would be amazing to have people from the manufacturer come directly, and I was attracted to the fact that they were ambassadors rather than riders, and they didn't focus on skills.
I usually post on Instagram and I am particular about my clothes, so I think that point was also seen.


QXNUMX: Why did you want to become an ambassador?do you?

AKIRA: I was interested in the position of an ambassador because I like to spread snowboard fashion and enjoy snowboarding regardless of skills.

QXNUMX: I see.nice ♪
What are you currently working on as an ambassador?
Please tell us what you want to do in the future, if you have any goals.

AKIRA: I'm updating videos and photos using head and sp items on Instagram.
Also, because I am a woman, I think there are things that I can feel because of my level, so I try to actively give feedback on items!
In the future, I would like to send information that will appeal to users who have never used head or sp before, and who honestly weren't interested in it.
And I want to keep improving my snowboarding skills.


QXNUMX: Finally, please give a word of advice to girl riders who are aiming to become riders and ambassadors.

AKIRA: I'm not sure if I'm active as an ambassador, but being selected as an ambassador this time allowed me to experience a lot of things that I've never experienced in my snowboarding life.
I don't think it's going to be a negative after trying it once, so I thought, "I'm interested, but can I become something like myself?" I want children who think that they can go to a lot of places where they can appeal and appeal to themselves without hesitation on SNS.
Also, as an ambassador, I think it's important to convey the fun of snowboarding, so I think the most important thing is to enjoy snowboarding.
Even on days when you can't do what you usually do, or when you can't shoot a satisfactory video, let's get through it with the feeling of "Well, there are days like that"!smile


Akira / Born on February 2rd.
■ Height / 153cm ■ Stance / 48cm
■ Angle / 9 degrees front, -9 degrees back
■Snowboard history/7 years
■ Home Mountain / Fukushima (Nekoma, Alz, Daikura)
■ Favorite riding style / Freeride
■ Items used/
goggles:CRWU PRO