In the winter of 2022, I, Tsukada, the representative of Studio Japaho, visited the Hokkaido Powder Belt with the family of professional snowboarder Masanori Takeuchi.
Hokkaido Powder Belt is a general term for areas located in the center of Hokkaido where you can enjoy some of the best powder snow in the world.It includes Tomamu, Furano, Kamui, and Kurodake.
It is an area that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from beginners and families to core backcountry skiers.

Our first destination was Tomamu, which is loved by snowboarders and skiers around the world.
This time, we stayed at RISONARE Tomamu, which is operated by Hoshino Resorts.
RISONARE Tomamu has the best restaurant called "OTTO SETTE TOMAMU".
The concept of OTTO SETTE TOMAMU is a fusion of carefully selected ingredients from Hokkaido and first-class Italian cuisine.
Each dish is created daily by searching for the best seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido.
Not only is it delicious, but you can also enjoy the appearance and atmosphere of the food.

The next morning, while suppressing the desire to go to the backcountry, I went to the slopes to get used to the first day.
Here in Tomamu, one of the specialties is the CAT (snow vehicle) tour.
A CAT tour is a snowmobile that takes you deep into the mountains to enjoy the backcountry where no one is skiing.
However, the slopes here at Tomamu are also attractive.
It is good to enjoy the grooming run with the family, and the Petit Rinkan Course, which is said to be a maze of the forest, is just like a petit backcountry with small children.Of course, Tomamu's ski slopes have various courses and tricks, such as a wall next to the park, a line running through the forest, etc., as well as an area limited to advanced skiers to smoothen the legs for the next day's CAT tour.

After climbing to the top of the mountain and getting off the gondola, you will find “Kumo Cafe” on the rime terrace.
It is recommended to enjoy the superb view while having a light breakfast here.
Located in a place where you can overlook the snowy mountains of Tomamu, the coffee you drink here is the ultimate cup.
There are warm indoor seats and terrace seats where you can directly see the snowy mountains.
We also took a family photo on the terrace as a memory of Tomamu!

By the way, for the first skiing on the slopes, I chose the long-run course where you can enjoy the "silky snow", which is an order of magnitude finer powder than on Honshu, and moved to the Dragon Ridge course.There is a device for taking a commemorative photo there as soon as you start sliding (bitter smile)

During lunchtime when we enjoyed the slopes, what is set up inside the ski slopes is a kotatsu.
On Firefly Street, where you can snowboard in and snowboard out, there is a kotatsu and fireplace, where you can enjoy a meal and craft beer.
Even if you search for such a unique facility in the world, you will find it only in Tomamu.You can stay warm under the kotatsu with your board boots on.
There is a board rack by the side, so you can start skating immediately after eating.

Here you can enjoy Hokkaido's popular craft beer, stylish and delicious side dishes, and grilled dishes.This year, they will serve oden.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch on the snow while warming ourselves under the kotatsu.
There are also dishes that children can enjoy, so the whole family will be delighted!

The next morning, we finally made it to the main part of the trip, the Mt. Karifuri CAT tour.After all, Tomamu's backcountry is the best.I thoroughly enjoyed the powder snow.

Actually, we received a request from Mr. Yoshiji Hoshino, the representative of Hoshino Resort, and our company collaborated with Mr. Takeuchi, a professional snowboarder, and started a tour 16 years ago.
In the beginning, it was nothing, starting from scratch.It started with the creation of a tour to tour the snowy fields of nature with a snowmobile.When I was guided around the area during the first survey, Mr. Takeuchi and I talked about wanting to ski on the mountain (Mt.

State of the 2005 CAT tour area development
From left to right: Mr. Takeuchi, Mr. Tamai Tomamu, Mr. Miyaoka Tomamu, and Mr. Tsukada Photo: Neil Hartmann

The two people in the photo are myself, Tsukada and Takeuchi, and Hoshino Resorts Tomamu powder guides Tamai and Miyaoka.With these four people as the core, the CAT Tour was born.

When the survey actually started, it took about five hours from the bottom of the snowy mountain to the top of the mountain.I gradually developed a place where I could ski.
After several years of research and area expansion, Tomamu's CAT tour was completed in its current form.

The good thing about Tomamu is that both hard backcountry skiing and families can enjoy it.
If you visit Tomamu with more than one person, it might be a good idea to split up between those going on the CAT tour and those going to the slopes.

After the CAT tour, I returned to the hotel and talked about the inside story of the CAT tour with Mr. Takeuchi.
I started the CAT tour 16 years ago, but at the time, I couldn't find anywhere in Japan that was doing something like this, so I started from a groping stage.
This project would not be possible without our company, Mr. Takeuchi, and Hoshino Resorts.

・As a professional snowboarder, I want to do CAT services that I have seen overseas
・As a producer, I want to create new services in the Japanese field.
・As a staff member of Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, I want to be a presence that can provide customers with an unknown world.

The CAT tour was realized through collaboration from each of these thoughts.16 years later, what started as a tour for those who enjoy hard backcountry riding is now a tour that can be enjoyed not only by advanced players but also by a wide range of players.

After completing their stay in Tomamu, the group heads to their next destination, Asahikawa.
...and before that, we stopped at the Furano ski resort.
By this time, moms and children are getting used to their feet and are able to ski well!
The good thing about the Hokkaido powder belt is that you can enjoy various ski resorts while moving around.
One of the attractions of the Hokkaido powder belt is the travel time between ski resorts.
A drive that changes the scenery you see will make conversation with your family more lively than usual.
There was a sense of adventure when traveling in the morning and at night, and I was able to enjoy the extraordinary.

In the evening, when we arrived in Asahikawa, we checked in at "OMO7 Asahikawa" operated by Hoshino Resorts.
The reason why I chose to stay at OMO7 Asahikawa this time is not only because the hotel has good service, but also because it has excellent access to each ski resort.
If you stay at OMO7 Asahikawa, you can easily reach the ski resorts of the Hokkaido powder belt.

As soon as you check in, you will see the board wax table.
You can get waxed here and go skiing in the best conditions.

OMO also has a unique service called "OMO Ranger".It is like a concierge who guides you around Asahikawa and takes you to recommended shops.We also had dinner at a restaurant recommended by an OMO ranger.

The next morning, when we headed to the lobby at 6:XNUMX, we were greeted by a powder guide who gave us powder information.
From the ski resorts near Asahikawa, you can connect with a local patrol team and learn about today's snow quality.
Based on the local information I learned there, I can decide which ski resort to go to today!
On the advice of our powder guide, we decided to go to Kamui Ski Links in Asahikawa.

I would like to head to the ski resort immediately, but before that, I will have breakfast at OMO.
OMO has a good reputation for its delicious breakfast, and the whole family was really looking forward to it.
When you take a look at the breakfast venue, you will be surprised at its fulfillment.
Some people stay just for breakfast...
Everything was delicious and the buffet was rich in variety.

・Variety of delicious bread
・Exquisite waffle topped with salmon
・OMO specialty roast beef

It's too much to introduce, and it's so rich that you can't eat it all in one day.The children ate greedily, and the whole family enjoyed themselves.

After breakfast, go to Kamui Ski Links.
After 4 days of skating, everyone was able to enjoy the powder.
Kamui Ski Links has a local atmosphere with few people, so I had a different experience from Tomamu.

The Hokkaido powder belt trip ended in this way.
The Hokkaido Powder Belt is a snow area that the whole family can enjoy according to their skills.
Why don't you visit this winter?

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