From toolatefilm, the season edit of the junior high school student's attention rider "Manato Ishimoto" has been released!

While playing an active part as a half-pipe player in Hokkaido,toolate filmManato Ishimoto, a young rider who belongs to the video crew and works hard on street photography.

While working hard to shoot the park in the daytime and the street at night, while leaving the result of 4th place in the All Japan Championship this season in the halfpipe, this edit does not use any pipe video and expresses the style in the park & ​​street. Young Guns to do.

"I want to be a rider who can handle everything from competitions to photography. I have a lot of streets for videos and photos, but I also want to do park photography. I'm still announcing the full part from toolate film every season. I'm shooting for that. I was very disappointed that I was 4th in all Japan this season, so I'd like to prepare well for next season. "

Manato Ishimoto (Manato Ishimoto).A second year junior high school student living in Hokuto City, Hokkaido.
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Major results this term: JOC Junior Olympic Cup, 17th National Junior Snowboarding Competition Halfpipe Junior High School Boys 2th, JSBA All Japan Championship Halfpipe 4th, Miya-sama Ski Tournament International Competition Snowboarding Halfpipe Junior High School Boys 4nd , Mount Race I Cup RACEY BIG AIR 2 Open Men's 2019st, Include Mad Dog Jam 1rd
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