Toolate film web movie "OMNIC RIDERS EPISODE 2" released!

Toolate film is a hardcore group that is active mainly on the streets in the southern Hokkaido area where there is little snow.This season, we will deliver videos as web episodes at intervals close to real time.



It was good that we finished shooting Episode 1 at the end of 2019 and started shooting Episode 2 without a break, but the southern Hokkaido area is rather lacking in snow all over Japan.
I decided to contact Yoshiaki Akamae (devgru) and have a light session because there was no snow and I was going to Sapporo after the new year.Ryuichi Hekida, Keisuke Shimakata put, and Kanato Iwai, a young Hokkaido singer who had boarded Hokkaido at that time, joined us to make a one-hour spot from Sapporo.
As soon as I arrive, I suddenly kick out, but there are riders of XNUMX battles, using that skill, and finally kicking out the person who came to kick out (not a violent story, use my brain) (It's a style) Shooting is done in super play. (The situation is recorded in the middle of the movie).

Akamae who made a super slum (not recorded because it is too slum), even if you say that it is absolutely useless, "Abune!safe! I say, but I'm definitely out.

I died this time too!I thought, but I stood up and tried and made up again while saying "Abune".The legend of the Iron Man as usual.

PUT seems to have been sprinkled with Susukino free run, so did he come to Hokkaido just to leave scratches on Susukino (laughs)?

Kabe-chan was an I take beer guy who couldn't live without beer, as he said "I want to finish shooting quickly and drink beer" even before the shooting started.

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toolate film The Hakodate crew, who are the OMNIC riders in Hakodate, are as usual.But ... the Hakodate area has less snow than usual.
For the past two months, I have had a hard time choosing spots and timing.Miho Matsuzaki at the opening is obsessed with make-up while doing a demon slum.
Yuya Wasaki, who was fired, Tomonori Sato, Kankuro Uehara, Age Nishiyama and others also participated in the shooting and left a solid cut.

In February, Akamae and Kanato Iwai also came to Hakodate to shoot, and with the image of crushing the places where they could do it, all the riders managed to get into shape while exchanging information.

In the second half, Manato Ishimoto (invincible mode) and Yoshinori Horio (backache) attack.

Manato was currently in invincible mode and was called by everyone as a craftsman, and his make-up rate, make-up speed, and nose press were unusual.

Yoshinori Horio is also a little more enthusiastic than usual because he has declared that he will take the tripartite this season.

I managed to get it safely! ?? Shooting completed in January and February!

It's the last season, the season when there isn't much snow, but I'll find somewhere and continue shooting.

Next time will be released in May!schedule!

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