TOMBOY camp will be held!


Yuka Fujimori, Asami Hirono, Natsuki Sato, Erika Fujiwara, Aya Sato, Asuka Shin, Naoyo Aoyama
All the riders who are based overseas also gathered at Hakuba XNUMX on this day.

The existence of friends that can be made through snowboarding is a great power for us TOMBOY.
Isn't that the same for everyone?

In this camp, in addition to snowboarding lessons
To be a place to communicate with everyone and connect with those who participated
We also plan recreational activities other than snowboarding.
After the camp, we will also have an annual BBQ
(Anyone who wants to participate, whether or not they participated in the camp) can participate.)

Free run, gratri, jib, jump, and play companions.
Let's spend a day greedily taking home together ★

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★ Application ★
Please use this email form.
We may contact you when confirming your application or classifying your class.
Please set the e-mail address to receive from <@>.

★ Payment ★
Only bank transfer will be accepted to facilitate the reception on the day.
Please transfer within one week from the application.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but you are responsible for paying the transfer fee.
<Transfer destination> Rakuten Bank Sonata Branch (XNUMX)
(Usually) XNUMX Naoyo Aoyama

★ About accommodation ★
You can use the backpacker Sea Hail without meals at a special rate of XNUMX yen.
If you wish, please select from the application form.

Sea Hail FACEBOOK Page (Hakuba Village Hokujo)
There is no bath, so please use the nearby Iwatake Onsen.

★ About BBQ ★
It is XNUMX yen per person.
Please note that drinks will be charged.
Children under the age of XNUMX can enjoy this free of charge.

★ Inquiries ★
If you have any other concerns, no matter how small
Please contact us via TOMBOY's facebook page or email. Aoyama