It's been a long time ... www

I haven't updated my blog at all ... w I'm sorry.

If you notice it, the season is already off! !! !!

It's snowing less and less in Japan.

I am planning to move to a place with snow.

During this time, I went to Akakura with Yucchi-san and XNUMX-san.

Switch Koburan that I was addicted to at that time.

At first I couldn't do it at all, but after practicing, I can do it! !! !!

You can do it.

Yuka Fujimori's park riding on the way home from the Olympics
Naoyo Aoyama's Pocojan B720 (Drive)
Must-see for Asami Hirono's first imovie video editing www lol

Aoyama XNUMX wasn't used to taking follow-up shots, so he was able to make two revolutions in one run ...


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