The BONEZ, which celebrated its 10th anniversary since forming the band, will release their first full-length album in 5 years, "Yours," on April 4, symbolizing their breakaway from the corona disaster! A tour of 19 prefectures is also held.

Members from left: ZAX (Dr.), KOKI (Gt.), JESSE (Vo.Gt), T$UYO$HI (Ba.)


5 years since the previous work “WOKE”.As if The BONEZ, which celebrated its 10th anniversary of band formation, symbolizes breaking away from the corona disaster,A full album that has both momentum and positivity will be released on April 4th.

Starting with the lead song "Love Song", which is a must-hear roar, 12 titles are included, all of which are candidates for singles.A tour of 50 prefectures, which will be held in 47 locations nationwide, has also been decided.

The BONEZ is an alternative rock band full of punk spirit consisting of JESSE (Vo.Gt), KOKI (Gt.), T$UYO$HI (Ba.), and ZAX (Dr.). The titles RIZE, PTP are no longer necessary.In 2018, released the 3rd FULL ALBUM "WOKE" and recorded 7th on the Oricon chart. The 30-performance release tour sold out on the same day, becoming a premium ticket and becoming a hot topic.

In 2020, they will broadcast live from Lake Inawashiro, and in 2022, they will release an unprecedented assembled CD, and their humorous style has become a hot topic.They are the most talked about band at the moment.


The BONEZ x Yokonori Culture

When I listen to The BONEZ's music, which is full of speed and pulsation, I get an image of exhilarating snowboarding down a snowy mountain.Their passionate humanity and unique style probably have something in common with the minds of snowboarders who pursue original styles.

In addition, they are actively linked to the Yokonori culture of surfing, skating, and snowboarding, and have appeared in surf culture x MUSIC's "The Greenroom Festival" in the past, and their songs have been engraved in the hearts of many surfers. ing.

Also, it seems that the band members actually enjoy snowboarding in the snowy mountains, and this season, we contacted world-famous snowboarder Tadashi Fuse, who actually posted The BONEZ songs on his Instagram. The dream collaboration of being used is realized!

A clip of Tadashi Fuse's riding and The BONEZ's music has been posted.


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From now on, it will be more linked to the snowboarding scene, so keep an eye on it!

While listening to the full album "Yours" released this time, let's enjoy snowboarding with excitement for the rest of the spring season!

New album

2023.4.19 ON SALE

01.Love Song
02. Rusted Car
03. It's time to let go
04.You and I
05.Step Up
07.For you
08.New Original
09. Smile now cry later
10.Here we are
11.I'm on my way
12. We are The BONEZ

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10th anniversary of band formation! The BONEZ The largest ever!
Vocal release!47 prefecture live house tour

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