The Story of ADVANCE Marketing ~ Ask Mike Miyazawa. “35 years of history with snowboarding culture” <Chapter XNUMX>

In the early 1990s, video was the driving force behind snowboarding culture.
Starting with the explosively popular "ROADKILL," as well as "Project 6" and "The Garden," snowboarders buy all the video works that are released each season, watch them over and over again until the tape stretches out, and watch it on the monitor. The image of a professional rider was burned into my mind.

Among them, Jamie Lynn, who boasted an overwhelming style with a wide stance, slow spins, and bare-handed grabs, was a genuine video star who captivated snowboarding kids.

Episode-3 Advanced Marketing considers the rider's position.


Even before Jamie became a global video star, Advance Marketing invited him to Japan. The reason is simple. Because he was a LIB TECH rider. Miyazawa looks back on Jamie's first visit to Japan.

``I'm already thinking about how to promote the quality of the brands that Advanced Marketing carries, how to make our customers understand the greatness of the products we carry, and how to make them happy that they bought them. One of the answers to this question was to create a point of contact between professional riders and regular customers.

Miyazawa has lived in America for over 20 years. He sensed that what fans of action sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing value is not logic, but the passion and impulse they feel in their bodies.

“That's why I felt it was important to make people think it was amazing, cool, and want to try it.I thought the best way to do that would be to have them see pro riders live.”

This feeling was also cultivated in America. In sports, you can't move forward just by improving your technique or winning. Aspirations are also a major motivator.

“So, we decided to invite professional riders from the brands we handle to Japan.We asked Marvin Manufacturing to introduce them to us.Advance Marketing would cover all travel and accommodation expenses. Would you please come to Japan?"

"Then, Marvin told me that there were only two riders in our company who were contracted as riders, so he told me to send them on. Those were Jamie Lynn and Matt Cummins. (Matt Cummins).”

The Advance Cup, which gathers many riders including Jamie Lynn and is held in a homely atmosphere, has become a very popular event that attracts many fans every time.LIB TECH,GNUThis will dramatically increase the popularity of brands such as

“I think it was the winter of 92. I participated as a guest rider in a JPST tournament held in Japan.Jamie and Matt were different from the other riders who had already become famous through videos. He was hardly well-known and was simply treated as a foreign rider brought in by Advance.

I'm quiet and not the type to make a fuss at parties, so I don't stand out. But if it slips, it's amazing. It's powerful but lean, it's fast when it skates, and it shows jumps that convert all of its speed into height. I think I was able to convey to the viewers that LIB TECH boards are meant to be ridden in this way.”

There is another thing that Miyazawa holds dear. That's the rider's personality.

``Skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing all have a huge impact on children.So unless you're a person who can interact with fans in a proper manner, you won't be able to show your riders in front of customers.'' In that sense, as a distributor, I wanted to support a brand that supports riders who have a gentle mindset and who understand their role and position. When hiring a rider from Advanced Marketing, I thought it would be a problem if he wasn't someone who could win over fans with both his skating and personality.

``That doesn't necessarily mean that someone who is serious is better.It's okay to have some individuality.It's not a matter of behavior, but I thought that I couldn't hire someone who wasn't kind and considerate as a rider. ”

This is because Rider's job is to provide fan service. Miyazawa believed that the reason for its existence was to be a presence that children admired.

Close the distance between you and your favorite rider and enjoy the joy of interacting and riding. The ``Advance Cup,'' which began in 1994, gave concrete form to this idea. Fans and riders will interact while holding contests such as halfpipe and jumping.

Of course, running it costs money. More than 10 professional riders from overseas will be invited, as well as domestic riders. If you also consider the staff who support the event, the total amount will be quite large.

``Yes, it cost a lot of money, but I thought it would be great if everyone could enjoy it.I hope the riders look forward to the Advance Cup, thinking it's a once-a-year festival.'' The customers were also happy to see famous riders skate right in front of their eyes.

Many messages of gratitude to Mr. Miyazawa can be seen from the riders who gathered at the Advance Cup.It can be seen that not only the fans who gathered, but also the professional riders enjoyed the wonderful time and felt the joy of being able to participate in the event.

Unfortunately, the Advance Cup was postponed for a while due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Miyazawa says he can still feel its influence.

``The Advance Cup itself has been going on for almost 30 years, right?Then, the person I said ``Nice to meet you,'' Mr. Miyazawa, told me which Advance Cup I had competed in, and told me about me. When I ask them, ``How was it for you to participate?'' they say, ``It was really fun,'' and they say, ``Oh, it was tough, but I'm glad I did it.'' That's what I think.''

In this way, it can be said that Advanced Marketing has continued to support Japan's snowboarding culture as a distributor that prioritizes user service. But Miyazawa says this and laughs.

"No, I don't think it's such a big deal."

However, realistically, without the cooperation of Advanced Marketing, the appeal of LIB TECH, GNU, ALLIAN, and ROXY would not have been accurately conveyed to users. Through events such as the Advance Cup, few people would have been exposed to the skating of professional riders. Without our cooperation as distributors, some brands may not have continued, and some brands may not have been born. The presence of advanced marketing is so large.

``Well, I'm grateful to hear that, but I don't have any intention of accomplishing anything, I just want to have fun with everyone.It doesn't matter whether I'm good at it or bad at it, I just want to do it together. Surfing together, skateboarding together, and snowboarding together are all fun, right? It's fun for both professionals and amateurs.

In the first place, the company I worked for in America went bankrupt, so I came back to Japan. Advanced marketing itself started from nothing, so it's only natural that it would end up at nothing. Personally, I'm not doing this job thinking I'm going to get rich. However, I want it to be fun, and I want the customers to be happy. That's why, since we handle any brand, our top priority is to properly promote it, highlight its good points, and make customers feel glad they bought it. Wouldn't it be great if we could share this fun sport with more people?"

In 2022, marking the 35th anniversary of the company's founding, Miyazawa handed over the position of CEO of Advance Marketing to his daughter Yuki.

``Well, I thought it was time for a generational change.I've had a lot of fun over the past 35 years.It's definitely thanks to a lot of people, and I can only be grateful.That's why I've had so much fun. This time, I would like to convey the message in a way that will be passed on to future generations.''

Yuki used to be in charge of public relations for Advanced Marketing, so she knows well Miyazawa's way of thinking about business, his attitude of valuing users, and the role that distributors should play. Since she has lived in America for a long time, she also communicates with overseas manufacturers herself.

As you may have noticed, Miyazawa was inspired to start Advanced Marketing because of his daughter, Yuki, who wanted a skateboard that was popular in America.

The circle of side riding was connected and passed on to new generations. As a distributor that is close to the passion of our users, Advanced Marketing will continue to deliver exciting items to us.

*Some honorific titles are omitted from the text.

Mike Miyazawa (Takehisa Miyazawa) Born in Yamanashi Prefecture. He came to the United States in 1966 as an expatriate employee for an optical equipment manufacturer. After that, he enjoyed life in America for 20 years while working in California and other areas. His unique business sense, which took advantage of the free atmosphere of the West Coast, eventually led him to skateboarding and snowboarding. He introduced many exciting brands to Japan and supported Japan's Yokonori culture for a long time. He also helped add skateboarding to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Message ~Thoughts about Mike Miyazawa and Advanced Marketing~


■Ingemar Backman (Professional Snowboarder/ALLIAN)

Do you remember the first time you met Mike Miyazawa?

“Of course! I think it was 1995, we had just launched a snowboard brand called ATLANTIS WORLD, and Advance Marketing became our distributor in Japan.

From the moment I met him, I knew right away that he was someone I could trust, and that impression has stayed with me forever. He has helped me a lot with the business side of things, and I don't think the brands I've built since then, like ALLIAN and WE Clothing, would have been possible without Mike."

Please tell us your impression of Mike Miyazawa.

“Mike always gives qualified advice based on his knowledge and experience, but most of all he has a genuine passion for snowboarding and skateboarding. In that sense, I think he is someone I have a lot to learn from.

Also, Mike is always a calm and quiet person. We've known each other for a long time, and we've traveled all over Europe, Scandinavia, and North America, but I've never seen him party or make a lot of noise. Even when we do stupid things all night, they don't criticize us or bother us. He quietly says, "See you tomorrow," and goes to bed. In that smile, I can feel his strength and kindness, respecting each individual."

Celebrating ALLIAN's 2019th anniversary in 20Anniversary board to commemorateAD posted on FREERUN in conjunction with the release of “BACKMAN “Back to future””. Ingemar's huge jump at Riksgransen (Sweden) in 1996 shocked snowboarders around the world.


■Yuki Yamazaki (Professional Snowboarder/LIB TECH)

Please tell us how you first encountered Advanced Marketing?

``It's been about 28 years ago. At first, I was supported by a brand in my skateboarding business at a shop called Bros in Shizuoka.In that same vein, I was also supported by a certain brand in my snowboarding business. At that time, snowboarding videos were all the rage, and there was one rider that I thought was completely different and really cool, and that was Jamie Lynn.

When I heard that Jamie was coming to Japan, I went to see the Advance Cup (1994) at Hakuba Norikura. ThenLIB TECHI was told that Jamie's signature model would be released. I can't stand still anymore, I want to ride Jamie's board.LIB TECHBros wants to rideThe presidentI consulted with. ThenThe presidentgood atKuThey helped me coordinate support and talked to Advanced Marketing, and I ended up getting to ride Jamie Lynn's signature model. I was extremely happy. ever sinceLIB TECHSo, I have been indebted to Advanced Marketing for a long time.”

What kind of person is Mike Miyazawa?

``He was a very friendly person, and that was true from the beginning.The same year he supported me at LIB TECH, I turned pro, so I went there to thank him for his support and report back.At that time, too, I played halfpipe on Jamie's board. Did you become a professional after doing that? No one else can do the halfpipe with that board, so they were happy and said it was amazing.

The reason why LIB TECH gave me my signature was because Mr. Miyazawa talked so passionately with LIB TECH. Moreover, it was unveiled at the 97 Advance Cup Tsugaike. In front of all the Advanced riders, including Jamie, he gave a speech saying that LIB TECH would be releasing a professional model of Yuki. Of course, I was extremely happy because I was able to get a signature from a brand that I admired, but even more than that, Mr. Miyazawa made the occasion and introduced himself, creating an atmosphere where everyone said it was great. I'm glad you did."

Speaking of Yuki Yamazaki, this isLIB TECHA professional model with a turtle graphic. Photo2000Of yearTOYOTA BIG AIR.Just IngemarALLIANIt was also the place where it was unveiled for the first time in Japan.


■Satoshi Sakabayashi (owner of snowboard shop “TRICK STAR”)

How would you describe Mike Miyazawa in one word?

``He's a good person. Mike has always been like that, but he really listens to the passion and motivation of young people.So even when he has to work on a new brand, he does what he can to help it grow.'' They think carefully about whether it's necessary, funding, or promotion, and while they leave it to younger staff, they provide the necessary support behind the scenes.

Mike himself always says he's just lucky, but I think it's more than just his personality. He doesn't act arrogant or get ahead of himself, he just silently supports the industry and the riders. At the same time, he will tell you even the toughest things. I think he's a really strong and reliable person."

What do you think the achievements of advanced marketing are?

``No matter how good Marvin made things, if the distributors didn't understand that, I don't think we would be in the situation we are in today.'' I'm excited about taking on new challenges.I've captured that atmosphere and introduced it to Japan in an easy-to-understand format.

The atmosphere of LIB TECH that we are actually exposed to is something that Advanced Marketing has cultivated, and that goes hand in hand with Mike. In that sense, I believe that the fact that we have continued to be a distributor for 35 years while cooperating with the manufacturer's ideas and attitudes is something that would not have been possible without a relationship of absolute trust. Marvin makes amazing things. It's amazing and cool. I think the great thing about advanced marketing is that it keeps the important essence as it is and explains it in a way that the user can understand."


``TRICKSTAR BACKYARD TALK'' is a YouTube channel where Mr. Sakabayashi's interesting and maniacal commentary explodes. There is a lot of valuable information about LIB TECH, so be sure to check it out.

■Mike Olson (Founder of Marvin Manufacturing, Engineer at LIB TECH)

Looking back on the 30 years you have worked with Mike Miyazawa, what impressions do you have?

“We started making snowboards in the late 1970s, and through trial and error, we made snowboards of various shapes.We started using GNU around 1985, and at the 1988 Las Vegas SIA ), I met Mike Miyazawa and started doing business in Japan.

After that, LIB TECHNOLOGIES was announced at ASR (Action Sports Retail Show) held in San Diego in September 1990. Mike Miyazawa smiled bitterly at the skeleton graphics, but with great enthusiasm he told me that he wanted to become a distributor in Japan. I wonder what kind of promotion Mike did, but I remember that LIB TECHNOLOGIES became a hot topic in Japan in the first year, and sales exceeded my expectations. At this time, we knew who we wanted to partner with. Someone who can deliver our passion to our users. A kind, honest, humble and fun-loving person. We are very happy to have worked with Mike Miyazawa, who is so positive about life."

What kind of person is Mike Miyazawa to you?

“I think the best way to describe us is that we are good friends. Although we do business together, I feel that our connection goes beyond just being business partners.

For example, Mike is an example of how I want to grow in life. Mike has been addicted to surfing ever since I took him surfing over 20 years ago, and all my friends who know Mike are happy to see him stay young, healthy, and enjoy surfing. I really admire the way he looks.

Why is Mike so healthy? When this topic comes up, there is a story I always talk about. When he went to Japan for the first time, Mike told me about eating a terrible-smelling bean called "Natto." The beans were covered in smelly goop, and Jamie Lynn, Dave Lee, and Barrett Christie, who were with him, refused to eat them. I managed to give it a try and was eating the beans by picking them up one by one with my chopsticks. Then Mike told me to crack a raw egg over the beans, stir it, and eat it over rice. The way he ate it was surprising to us, but seeing Mike's energetic appearance, I was like, ``I see!'' I decided to do what Mike did and ate stinky beans and raw eggs every day for the rest of the trip.

Since then, we have all known. If you want to be like Mike, whether it's in health or business, just do what Mike does! That's it. Thanks to this, I've been surfing and enjoying making snowboards for a long time."

Mike Olson has made great strides in Marvin Manufacturing by making full use of his innovative ideas and superior technology. I have known Mike Miyazawa since 1988.friend and business partner

Interview: Takuro Hayashi
Photo: ZIZO

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