Stubai Glacier

The day after arriving, the ski resort is about a 15-minute drive from the head house.
I'm at Stubaier Gletscher.



Everything is kingdom in Europe !!
It seems that a park that is said to be built at this time.

But, sir!
The snow park is not finished yet due to lack of snow.

It seems that Stubaier at this time of the year is not snowing even if the weather is bad.Oh my god!Crying

Anyway, the weather is nice,

Free run with Sina, the head international rider for the first time in Switzerland.

"Gletscher" in Stubaier Gletscher means "glacier" in German.

Glacier = Glacier

Glacier mountain = ice that remains for many years



It's ice.

Iceburn ... not something like that

It's ice.Here and there.I say it many times.

I see
Icy! !! !!

……… Anyway, it was like this until it snowed.

When I slipped, the rattling noise was so great that I couldn't hear my own voice.
And the soles of my feet are too sloppy and I can laugh unnecessarily.

It's fun in a way.Lol

How to slip so that the edge does not come off.I was totally focused on this.

Even though the sun is out, it's a glacier and it's melting.

So at the beginning, I played almost at Jib Park except when shooting.


We had a jib mini-contest and a test drive event on Saturdays, Sundays and opening events.
Of course, the head booth too!

Even here, if you play a game in front of the booth and lose, you will be drunk synapse
Same glue as head JAPAN.Lol

After all it is together

I've seen this kind of test drive when I went abroad,
No way, a few years later, I will be in the booth of this overseas brand.
I thought I hadn't imagined it.

With all the help around me, I'm here now.
You're in Austria.
I'm getting white eyes in German.
But you can meet good-looking guys.

Thank you sooooo much !!!!! lol

That's why there are conditions and off-shot shooting priority.
I haven't slipped at full throttle yet. (Lie. I was practicing a lot because I couldn't jib too much)

For the past few days, I've been shooting off-shots of girls' products, shooting gear next season, and shooting slopes.
The staff and riders have changed a lot in the past week, but

For the time being ... I have a hard time remembering the name.Lol

Yesterday I went to a place called Hintertux, which is XNUMX hours from my house.

The weather is bad today and there is snow around my house ☆

So head team lifestyle, off-shot shooting
We all went to Innsbruck's skate park ♪

That story is also ~ ♪