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STEP ON allows you to lock the boots and bindings by simply pressing in the order of ``heel → tip of the toe,'' and you'll be ready to ski in no time.It's so easy!However, what I am concerned about is his ability.


Impressions from STEP ON users

The 7th winter since STEP ON was released by BURTON is approaching.Bindings and boots equipped with this system have already been released by brands other than BURTON, and STEP ON's reliability only increases with each passing season.Of course, the number of users is also on the rise.But are there really only benefits?Here we will deliver the real voices of STEP ON users with different backgrounds and hobbies.

<User Voice 1>

Reduced fatigue and increased number of skis

"I didn't buy it for the first three seasons after its release because I was skeptical.However, when I skated with a former rider who was using STEP ON, I realized that there was nothing wrong with it and immediately went to buy it (lol).At first, I was worried that there was a lot of play compared to the strap type, but I quickly got used to it, and now I don't feel any discomfort when carving.Rather, I think it's the play, or the advantage of having a high degree of freedom in the ankles.Also, as I got older, it became painful to have to squat down and tighten the straps every time (bitter smile).So nowThe feeling of being helped by STEP ON is stronger.It's really easy and the number of skis I can ski in a day has increased.You can wear it in the backcountry without any problems, and you won't have to take it off even if you have it on your butt.What's more, when I wear snowshoes, the metal fittings on the heel catch on to the shoe straps, making them difficult to remove, which actually makes me feel better.It's full of good places.If I had to say my wish, I would be happy if the footbed didn't freeze and snow didn't stick to it like the FLUX that came out last season.His SWATH that I use doesn't have an ankle strap, so it's soft and puts a strain on my ankles, so I'm switching to a Lifeliner.I think it would be nice to be able to choose softer boots with life liners, which are included in higher-end models.'
<Impression> Binding_BURTON_STEP ON, Boots_BURTON_SWATH STEP ON (*Inner changed to Lifeliner)

<User Voice XNUMX>

It feels more fixed than the strap type.

``I bought it because I heard from the shop that a rider in Hokkaido uses it, and a good snowboarding friend of mine actually used it and said it worked pretty well. Years ago. Well, it's really easy. That's all. The feeling of sliding is...Whether I carved or parked, it was almost the same as the strap type I had been,RatherPersonally, I feel that the heel and toe of the STEP ON shoes are more securely fixed, and I feel that the edges go in faster.I could do ollies, and I didn't feel any discomfort when doing presses or boardslides with the jib.Maybe I feel that way because I use PHOTON, which has a strap attached to the boot. PHOTON is a single BOA, but thanks to the strap, you can firmly hold the instep and feel secure.I have no complaints at all at the moment.The only thing I'm careful about is making sure the hem of my pants doesn't get caught in the parts."

<User Voice XNUMX>

The response is a little slower than the strap type.

"I've been using STEP ON for 2 years now.At first, the clicking of my heels made me feel uneasy.I also think that when switching from heel to toe, the timing of the ollie is about 0.5 tempo slower than the strap type, and the timing of the ollie is about 1 tempo slower, so it felt a little strange.Now that I'm used to the gears, I'm skating like STEP ON (lol).I can carve without any problems, and for some reason I feel like it's easier to step on the toe with STEP ON.I don't know why (bitter smile).I'm wearing double BOA SWATH shoes, and since they don't have straps, I can use my ankles a lot more freely, and I like that they're soft to glide on in powder.When you jump and grab it, it can really sting.Also, it's lightweight.Whether you're skiing, on the lift, or hiking with your board on your back...And it’s fast! Since I started using STEP ON, I think I have increased the number of skis by 1 to 4 times a day.I only felt these benefits, but when I tried to fly a 5m class kicker at Gala Yuzawa in early spring, I felt a little uneasy about the approach because there was a slight play in the heel...I'm thinking about going back to wearing a strap this season when I go to the park.I'm thinking of trying them on again and comparing them."
<Impression> Binding_BURTON_STEP ON, Boots_BURTON_SWATH STEP ON (*Inner changed to lifeliner)

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<User Voice XNUMX>

It's easy and quick to install, and it's easy to store.

``I've been using STEP ON for two seasons now, and it's incredibly easy and quick to put on, and I think it's much better than the strap type.When I get off the lift, I don't have to bend my back or sit down. You don't get tired easily because you can start skating with your kids.In the past, when I went skating with my kids, I had to help them fasten the straps, then tighten my own bindings, which was quite a challenge. However, if I use STEP ON, I can ski with my child right after helping them.I think it's really convenient.As for the ride comfort...I only do free runs, but it doesn't feel any different from the strap type.I use boots without ankle straps and have never felt uneasy about them.It's nice to feel light on your feet when you're on the lift.Also, when loading it in the car or leaving it at home, there is no strap, so you can store it smartly.The thing that bothers me is that I can hear the clicking sound when I put it on, but the sound is so low that it's hard to tell when there's a lot of noise around me.You'll understand once it starts rolling, but you might be a little worried when you just bought it.''

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<User Voice XNUMX>

You can quickly fix it yourself in the same way every time.

``I have a strong desire to skate quickly, but with straps, you have to sit down to tighten them, it takes a long time to tighten them, and if you don't tighten them properly, your heel will float when you're skating...that's a problem. That's why I started using it two years ago after Mr. Kimura from SEAMORE recommended it to me.At first, I was worried about the lack of straps, but once I started skating, I felt the same as before.The best part is that it's easy to put on. I was surprised at how light the equipment itself was. Thanks to this, I've been able to ski more times a day than before! Now when my family goes skating, only my mom uses the strap type, so I start skating faster and wait downstairs. It happens a lot (lol). However, I think it would be better if they could improve the fact that it requires a little more force to take off the clothes."(ShurikaSan

Can be used without problems in the backcountry

``My favorite thing about it is that it's easy to put on and take off, and it's lightweight.The riding comfort is no different from the strap type.Now that I've learned how convenient it is, I might never go back to the strap type (lol). Also, I go to the backcountry, and I've never had a problem with wearing it because of the snow getting stuck in it, so I haven't had any problems with it.I didn't really like highbacks to begin with, and since the strap type I didn't like them. He was skating in the background. I wish we could do something like that at STEP ON."(TerumitsuSan

Three close families gathered together. "I'm having fun with STEP ON!"

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Presence of STEP ON in pro shops

Here, we would like to ask pro shops that carry STEP ON what kind of people STEP ON is suitable for, what kind of reaction it has received from customers, how the STEP ON is selling, and what the future outlook is... I heard things like...

<Shop Voice 1>

The characteristics of STEP ON are a hit with kids.

``For adults, about 3% of all customers purchase STEP ON, but for kids...Grom will be released this year, and STEP ON is outselling at the moment with a ratio of about 7:3. Isn't it pitiful when you see a child taking off their gloves and playing around with them because they can't keep the straps on?That's why we especially recommend it to children at our stores because we want them to experience that ease. Also, I don't think STEP ON's reaction is that super quick, so I think it's suitable for kids because it has a certain amount of play and it's hard to get the reverse edge. If you put your weight on the toe or heel, it's easy to get caught because you're stepping hard.So, it's good to have a nice loose feel that doesn't affect board operation.However, at kids school Although the usage rate of STEP ON is quite high, as kids become competitive, many of them use strap type.I guess it means they need a more severe reaction.Also, STEP ON Unlike strap-type bindings, if something breaks, the boots are likely to come off, right?However, I have never heard of them coming off even though they were installed correctly.Their high reliability is also appealing. I think it's one of the'

SEAMORE (Hokkaido)
Manager Kimura-san

<STEP ON Kids' Grom>

<Shop Voice XNUMX>

The number of STEP ON loyal users will continue to increase

“At our company, many people are already choosing STEP ON for their suspension gear with a ratio of 6:4.The purchasers tend to be over 40s who want to snowboard with a luxurious feel.Also, most women are This is a switch from the regular type.As a shop, we recommend it to children who are just starting snowboarding.It's easy after all.In the future, there will be more STEP ON rentals at resorts, and it will be easier to start snowboarding with STEP ON. I think this will become the standard.However, especially for those who want to jump in the park, they are concerned about the play of the toe and there is a slight loss in the movement of pulling up, so the regular type is still recommended. I've heard that suspension gear is better, but I don't think that's a problem for people who started snowboarding with STEP ON from the beginning.Some young BURTON riders only wear STEP ON on the pipe or in the park. There are some kids who don't have it.It probably suits the timing of the ollie and how to set up the spin with the STEP ON.Oh yeah, I'm planning to use it myself, but the STEP ON for splitboards will be released this season. , I don't think I'll ever use regular type suspension gear anymore (lol). Also, there will be a model that can be used by children as well as kindergarteners, so I'm sure the number of STEP ON users will continue to increase in the future! As a store, I hope If I could say so, I think it would be even better if users could have more options, such as replacement parts such as low backs, and the ability to choose the type of innerwear for boots...

Owner Mr. Nakamoto

<STEP ON Splitboard Bindings>

<Shop Voice 3>

Already perfected and reliable gear

“Our store isWe have a good selection of gear for entry-level customers, so even though we are a specialty store, there are many beginners.So, even with BURTON, strap binding is more common than STEP ON.The price range is also low. Many people who purchase STEP ON are extremely skilled people.What's more, even if you say you're an expert, you'll get the "Super" rating, so it's for people who have done it hard in the past but are a bit calmer, and people who want to have fun, slow down, and have a luxurious experience rather than improve their level at the park. It's popular.A long time ago, BURTON sold step-in shoes, but they quickly disappeared.On the other hand, STEP ON has been running for seven seasons already, and is already complete and reliable, so we as a store now confidently recommend it to entry-level customers and families.For example, when your child starts skating and you need to teach them, it's easy for the child to get ready to skate on his own, and for moms and dads, it's easy to get ready to skate on one foot or both feet. The ease of putting it on is a big advantage since you have to keep slipping and slipping.Recently, our sales volume has been steadily increasing, but we still have zero trouble with STEP ON. I have never had a customer complain that something was broken or that something was cracked.In that sense, I think it's a truly complete piece of gear."

FREAK (Gifu)
Manager Bambi


What did you think of the real voices of various STEP ON users and the impressions of STEP ON from those involved in pro shops?
The high level of reliability and functionality that allows various types of people, including children and those with little snowboarding experience, to use it with confidence is a true testament to BURTON's high level of technology and development capabilities.Also, on the other hand, it can be said that STEP ON has a high level of reliability because it has accumulated high evaluations for its suspension products, including strap bindings.

I hope this article will help you solve your problem of "I'm interested in STEP ON, but what is it really like?"And if you are interested, please give it a try.
I'm sure you'll have a moving experience.


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