Report on "Tokyo Snow Festival SNOWBANK PAY IT FORWARD 2021" held at Yoyogi Park from November 11th to 13th, 14! by Itaru Fujinuma / RIDE FOR A SMILE


Text: Itaru Fujinuma (SNOWBANK Pro Snowboarder / RIDE FOR A SMILE)

"Tokyo Snow Festival SNOWBANK PAY IT FORWARD 2021" was held at Yoyogi Park B District Event Plaza from November 11th to 13th, 14.

This event, which marks the 11th time, was donated by Yoshimasa Arai, a professional snowboarder who was diagnosed with the intractable blood disease "chronic active EB virus infection" in 2008 and saved his life by bone marrow transplantation. It has been held every year since 2011 with the aim of communicating the need for bone marrow donor registration and the appeal of snowboarding to the world.

Organizer Arai “daze” Yoshimasa has run the event with Ikuko-san on a three-legged race. Photo: Yoshiro Higai

A special slope was built in Yoyogi Park in the middle of Tokyo, and the "JIB STYLE BATTLE" held there is synonymous with the season-in that announces the arrival of winter to snowy mountain freaks who are looking forward to the winter season in recent years. It has become.

A special jib section will be set up in Tokyo to attract a large number of customers. Photo: Yoshiro Higai

I'm sorry to say that I'm a professional snowboarder, Ritsu Fujinuma, who is in charge of blood donation & donor registration cooperation call through microphone, event guidance, sponsor booth introduction, tournament MC, etc. from the first holding of this event.YOUTUBE ch Toru Fujinuma Professional Snowboarder / RIDE FOR A SMILE)is!

This time I will deliver the event experience report C ~! !!

Itaru Fujinuma, who is the moderator of this event, which will be held for the 11th time this time, 10 times. Photo: RyoHiwatashi

It is still difficult to hold an event due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but there are many patients waiting for blood transfusions and bone marrow donors.In that case, this event is inevitable for all of you, so this time we will set up an entrance gate by surrounding a corner of Yoyogi Park with a fence, and visitors will wear masks, disinfect their hands, and social distance. It was held thoroughly to prevent the spread of infection with the new coronavirus.

Visitors entering the venue were supposed to measure their body temperature. Photo:
From the stage sleeves. Photo:
During the live, the audience was always alerted to the social distance. Photo:

Many of the people involved in the event on the management side of SNOWBANK are volunteers, students, and snowboarders, but there are also music, fashion, and artistic artists, prominent dancers, farmers, snow skiers, and the outdoors. People of various genres such as maker and ski resort gathered in Yoyogi Park.

Group photo in the morning with volunteers. Photo: Yoshiro Higai
TM PAINT booth in charge of this event poster.Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi
Various artists are also exhibiting booths. Photo:
Early bird lift tickets could be purchased at the Kawaba Ski Resort booth. Photo:
The Marunuma Kogen Ski Resort booth is also the reception place for building man park sledding time every year. Photo: RyoHiwatashi
A new outdoor brand will also be exhibited. Photo: RyoHiwatashi
At various booths, products were sold at a special snow bank price, and plans such as blood donation and gifts for donor registration cooperators were prepared. Photo: RyoHiwatashi

The "Snowbank", which grows year by year, is sponsored by Shibuya Ward and the Shibuya Ward Tourism Association, and schools such as "Tokyo School of Music", "Tokyo College of Sports and Recreation" and "PSA ASIA (Pro Snowboarders Association Asia)" and Snowboard Associations. Has grown into a big event that is one of the cooperating companies!

The Japan Snowboarding Association "PSA", to which the official professional riders of the Japan Snowboarding Association belong, will also be exhibited. Photo: RyoHiwatashi
PSA, which exhibited for the first time since the new system was established, also promoted the activities of the association. Photo: RyoHiwatashi

I think it's an event that anyone can enjoy regardless of age or gender, such as snowboarding competitions, live music, sledding slopes, experiences and games at each booth, and meals at eating and drinking booths.

A valuable event where you can play sledging in Tokyo in November. Photo: RyoHiwatashi
Snowbank is a place where people of all ages and men can enjoy themselves. Photo: Yoshiro Higai
This is also a trampoline corner that is very popular during the event. Photo: RyoHiwatashi

The target number of blood donors and bone marrow donor registrants during this two-day event is XNUMX and XNUMX, respectively.With the super-cooperation system of the Japanese Red Cross Society, where three blood donation vehicles are in operation, all the parties concerned will do their utmost to achieve the goal.

Mr. Hikai, a photographer who is a major figure in the horizontal seaweed industry, is also contributing to society not only by taking pictures but also by donating blood.
Photo: Ryo Hiwatashi

By the way, those who cooperated in blood donation and bone marrow donor registration during this event will receive various novelties at the booth of the sponsoring manufacturer!I think one of the attractions of this event is that you can bring back souvenirs that you can't hold if you get all the novelties such as stickers, socks, tote bags, shirts, towels, bandanas and soaps.

WOW Crew November Rider Cat also contributes to society by donating blood. Photo: RyoHiwatashi
Michiko Nonaka, who also appeared in the KIRIHARE BARE live, also donated blood and got a lot of novelties. Photo:

The mission given to us as snowboarders during the event is to convey the wonders of snowboarding to everyone who attends!The participating riders are slippery, and I will liven up the tournament with senior riders Norifumi Rosaki and DJ Ryohe (Kashiwa Embroidery Shop Nui).

From the left, Kabaddi and Tuyu. Photo: RyoHiwatashi

The special slope set up in the venue by the Brave Project crew and volunteers who came from Fukushima this year has a down rail in the center and two double down rails installed on both sides of the course. From the way, each player chooses a rail to perform tricks, and the ranking is decided by Shuhei Sato, Masato Chiba, and Ryoki Ogawa in the amateur game on the first day, and Atsushi Hasegawa in the professional game on the second day. , Kenji Taguri, Yoshiaki Endo, the gorgeous riders judged.

The Brave Project Crew, led by Mr. Hiratsuka, who is in charge of slope construction every year, includes people who know everything about snow, such as Futa Adachi and Hiroki Matsuura. Photo:
A strong management team with specialists, all MCs and judges are riders. Photo:

A chance to ride in the middle of Tokyo!If you survive the finals, you will fight on the same stage as the famous top professionals, and if you win, you will definitely be able to make a name for yourself in the scene. Gathered together.

The winners of the rail jam on the first day were female champion Yuuki Fukuda, runner-up Jinnai Haruka, XNUMXrd place Matsuoka Anju, kids champion Kitayama Hakuto, men's champion Horiike Souta, runner-up Noto Yuga, and XNUMXrd place Mabuchi Gaku. General participants.Is it possible to play a role in Gekokujo by mixing with the invited players of all the powerful players?


During the event, the pecan sun was in full swing and under the clear autumn sky, it was crowded with a large number of visitors from the first day.The finalists of the 2nd day professional women who made such a venue very exciting were Haruna Ishihara (suica), Aoi Takahashi, Junna Asaya, Himari Takamori, and Momoka Fujikawa.Five finalists who are familiar with Yoyogi Snowbank's handrails excited the venue with various tricks.

Momoka Fujikawa was showing a hot slide full of fighting spirit from beginning to end. Photo: RyoHiwatashi
Haruna Ishihara, who always showed a bright and cheerful expression, but slipped violently and enjoyed the tournament more than anyone else. Photo: RyoHiwatashi
Himari Takamori, who continued to blame the rails for her hot slip with explosive power that is hard to imagine from her small body, was selected as the handrail queen of this year. Photo: RyoHiwatashi

Winner: Himari Takamori
Runner-up: Haruna Ishihara
3rd place: Momoka Fujikawa

Photo: Yoshiro Higai

The male finalist who made me feel the high level of the jib scene in Japan now, losing to the success of female players,EnomotoRyota, Keita Inamura, Takashi Tamamura, Ryoki Ogawa, Conrad Yamamoto,(I.e.吏 玖,Mabuchi Manabu, Ogiwara Daisho, Imamura Yura, Jinguji Ama, Watanabe Yuga, Horiike Souta, Noto Yuga.

The audience continued to be excited by the sense of stability of Ryoki Ogawa, who has won the championship in the past. Photo:
Keita Inamura also dyed Yoyogi in his own color with various explosive tricks. Photo:
The winner is Takashi Tamamura, who has a face as the director of Shonan Blush.His slip made the audience dance from beginning to end. Photo:

The boys had a hot development in which all three players who participated in the general public advanced the pieces to the final, and together with the invited players who greeted them, the audience was excited by slipping too dangerously.It is these three people who have won such a fierce battle.

Winner: Takashi Tamamura
Runner-up: Keita Inamura
3rd place: Ryoki Ogawa


I think that the slips of all the players grabbed the hearts of many visitors, but the moment when the venue became one most during the event, it was not WOW time ... (Of course, a show of funny friends led by doggy). The time was super exciting!)

The WOW crew has also become an integral part of Snowbank. Photo: RyoHiwatashi
A doggy that delivers stylish air in a special section brought to Yoyogi. Photo: RyoHiwatashi
The cat surely rubs the inverted doggy board, and the butch provides excellent support. A miracle showtime created by the teamwork of the WOW crew. Photo: RyoHiwatashi

Blood donation RUN!
Fairy blood donation, who showed us a lot of buzz that has been featured on various TV programs this year, has united Yoyogi Park again this year!

Shibuya's fairy blood donation, which was very popular this year as well. Photo:
I felt that this year's blood donation was focused on fraying the rails!Thanks to that, the customary Porori ...? .. Photo: RyoHiwatashi

The big success of blood donors and players, and the big hot power gathered in Yoyogi thanks to artists such as LOW IQ 01, G-FREAK FACTORY, Kiribarebare, DAZEBAND, was the original goal of blood donors and bone marrow donor registrants. The number of people has greatly exceeded the target number of people, and the number of people has reached a record high!

Kirihare Barre Live. Photo: Yoshiro Higai
The power produced by both G-FREAK FACTORY and the audience has created more energy for SNOW BANK. Photo: RyoHiwatashi
Snowbank's music stage where famous artists also appear.A live performance of LOW IQ 01 & THE PHYTHM MAKERS, which has fans all over Japan, was also held. Photo: Yoshiro Higai
G-FREAK FACTORY reappears on the stage while playing the Daze band!A moment unbearable to fans! Photo: RyoHiwatashi

I would like to conclude this report by listing such blood donation & bone marrow donor registration collaborators and tournament winners together with event official information below.

"Thank you!" With great gratitude and respect to all who were involved in the event with great results.

See you next year at Yoyogi Park Tokyo Snow Festival Snow Bank!


<Results of blood donation bone marrow donor registration>
Number of receptions 482
402 blood donors
121 registered donors

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