SIMS announces new global professional team

SIMS's new global professional team was announced on December 12th, the birthday of Tom Sims, the founder of SIMS and also known as a pioneer of snowboarding.The following six members of the professional team are full of talent, each has their own personality, and each has the same spirit with a strong will.

John Jackson
One of the stars of the modern era who can hit the most difficult hits

Keegan Baraika
A free-thought innovator with a deep masterpiece in an innovative video part

Tadashi Fuse
A respectable veteran pro rider who will surely kill a huge cliff

Scott Bram
An all-terrain ruler with a modest personality but a focus on style and riding content

Shuhei Sato
Transforming from a half-pipe player to a backcountry demon and expanding the range of slips

Cody Werble
An up-and-coming talented rider.Loyalty to the dustbox crew

John Jackson commented on the launch of the new team:
"I'm too happy to be able to skate for The Sims. My friends are great. I think this will be really great. I'm very proud to represent Sims, who is also a pioneer of snowboarding."
-John Jackson

The creativity and energy that creates the individuality and unique style of each rider will expand further while retaining the brand color that has been passed down to date, along with the spirit that Tom Simms originally envisioned.

Tom Sims