SHRED x Tadashi Fuse x Shin Miyajima.What do you look for in goggles?  

The strongest goggles SHRED that riders trust.Tadashi Fuse, a world-renowned Mr. Snowboarder, was one of the first Japanese to take off to the world and built a 20-year history of rider career through worldwide activities.And Shin Miyajima, who is the only Japanese to appear in the popular snowboard movie "THE FOURTH PHASE" this season, and pursues his favorite snowboarding while traveling the world.What is the appeal of SHRED, a goggle brand that supports the two strongest people?Communicate its appeal with their feedback.

Tadashi Fuse (TADASHI FUSE)

SHRED has bright lenses and various types, and the lenses are easy to remove and have a wide field of view, so it's very comfortable to use.

ey7a8328%e3%81%ae%e3%82%b3%e3%83%92%e3%82%9a%e3%83%bc"I have several colors of SIMPLIFY and mainly use white. SHRED has bright lenses and various types, and the lenses are easy to remove and have a wide field of view. It's very comfortable. Speaking of the brightness of the lens, I use a bright lens on cloudy days. Then I can see the unevenness of the terrain well and it is in good condition. Also, when I usually freeride I have one spare lens and use it properly according to the situation. This model makes it easy to remove the lens, and even if snow gets inside the lens while riding, just put both sides on the frame and it will snap smoothly. It's easy because you can change the lens. I learned about the greatness of the wide field of view at the clinic (study session) sponsored by the bukkake maker. It's true that the range you can see is wide. Now I feel that other goggles are narrow. If the field of view is narrow, you can't see the side when everyone is slipping, and suddenly there is a person next to you. Is that dangerous because there is a possibility of sudden collision with friends. That's why SHRED's goggles have a wide field of view and you can see the side of you much more than other goggles, so you can understand the situation around you. I think it's easy. It's good even in a tree or a tight place. After that, when you turn on the front side by jumping, it turns on the back side, so if you have a wide field of view, you may be able to see the landing early. The fitting of the goggles is also Asian fit, so it feels good to wear and fit, and when you land on the nose or vacant, snow will get inside the goggles, but it's okay.

The president of my home country feels very good, and everyone in the Japanese agency custom-produced is also a player.After all, the stance between such manufacturers and riders is easy to do.That's a big deal for me when I sign a contract with a brand.We will continue to leave the best footage with this reliable brand. "

SHRED goggles that promise the best visibility in Tadashi's riding

"This season, I would like to develop a place that no one seems to go to in the big mountains of Nagano and Tohoku, based on Nozawa in Nagano. I want to develop in mobile as I did in Canada. I want to do it. The video is alsoLIFE STYLE PROJECTI would like to make an original video of my 20th anniversary and announce it at a preview during the season.In the future, I think we will be announcing mainly the images that will open up the mountains of Japan. "


Shin Miyajima (SHIN BIYAJIMA)

SHRED is a brand that really likes my riding and lifestyle and understands me well.


"SHREDIt's been XNUMX years since I started using these goggles.AMAZIFY(Amage Phi) andSIMPLIFY(Simply) is my favorite.I amI like goggles with a wide field of view.I've avoided things like things that you can see a lot inside the frame with goggles on, or things that you can see inside the lens, because I'm worried about that, but these two models don't have to worry about that. I'm in good shape.Actually, I choose goggles in such a place.

 The flat lens also has an old-school feel, and I like it because it's simple.Also, if the frame is big, it's called the pressure of the goggles on the face, which is also dispersed and lightly attached, and the fit is good.Gaijin has a thin face and Japanese people have a flat or round face, and no matter how much the sponge gives a fit, the face shape is completely different from that of foreigners, so the larger the frame, the more the Japanese face shape. I think it will fit.

 Besides the product, there are other good points of this brand.For example, head office staff, president, team.The president is Carlo, who is also an engineer, and his nickname isSHREDIt seems.Anyway, he seems to like slipping and slipping, so he came to Nagano 2-3 years ago.A friend of Obuse introduced me to me, who liked my riding and lifestyle so much that he understood me well and wanted to sign up as an international rider.Because we support many snowboarders overseasSHREDI thought it was a good brand, and because it's a new brand, I thought it was a perfect partner to work with. "

Shin who travels around the world and has sessions with many snowboarders.Provides a comfortable view in any field, including North America and Alaska

"This season's activity was Wilderness First Aid at the end of November the other day.WFAMore) Passed the training and testing of first aid in the field, which is an international qualification.This qualification is a qualification that allows you to study how to deal with a broken bone, hit your head, or get injured in the backcountry and provide first aid.And also12Qualification to learn and acquire various things such as avalanches and mountains in late MarchAST OfLevel-1I took. You might be asked, "Are you going to be a guide?", But I think it's the knowledge and skills I need to spend more than half a year in the backcountry.To be able to teach people to become more full-fledged.It doesn't suit my gender to be like a child who knows nothing forever.I'm spending more time in Alaska and I can't really laugh at that field.When the snow conditions in Japan are good for a while, I will base it in Nagano.Many riders from overseas are supposed to come to Japan, so I'm shooting with them.afterwards2From around the middle of the month, you may choose Tahoe or Jackson in the United States, or Canada depending on the snow, or you may go to Alaska quickly.We will prepare to skate in Alaska and have sessions with many riders. "