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At our shop, we have a large selection of the finest board wear that has been carefully selected by all staff.The staff will advise you on the items that suit your style.

We back up a comfortable snowboarding life such as slipping and maintenance.

We are looking for team members for our shop team “TEAM PURPLE HAZE”.


・ We are looking for team members for our shop team “TEAM PURPLE HAZE”.

・ Events are held once a month throughout the year.

・ Not only snowboarding, but also surfing, skating, golf, jet skiing, BBQ, trampoline, etc.

·phone number:076-260-7755

・ Address: 2-25 Wakamiya, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

・ Business hours: 12: 00-21: 00

・ Regular holiday: Every Wednesday

・ Parking lot: 10 cars

・ WEB:http://www.purplehaze.co.jp

-Facebook / Instagram

[Junichi Kanemaru Gratley Lesson]
I want to challenge Gratri!I want to level up!We had a guest lesson with Jun Kanemaru, who is active all over the country.
[PURPLE HAZE FIRST TRACK !!] If you are a snowboarder, January 1st will be a snowboard instead of a first visit !! Annual FIRST TRACK !! (1/2021/1)
[Captain Miyamoto Carving Lesson] The carving turn was taught based on theory with demonstrations.
[Former PRO Tomari Yoshiaki Mystery Tour] We invited former PRO Tomari Yoshiaki, who was a bordercross slopestyle one-make player, to teach us how to enjoy the ski area.



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