The job we should do as a professional shop is to improve and entertain our customers.Since before Corona, we have been dealing with a small number of customers as a genuine professional shop.The service of a genuine professional shop that sticks to face-to-face sales without doing online sales cannot be expressed by money. We have proved it in 36 years and have produced results ~~.

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A pro shop is not a "place to see products" but a "place to talk and listen to explanations".Beginners can't tell which one suits them just by looking at the product.It's only after dozens of rides that you can understand it.I will work professionally as a super pro shop.

·phone number:048-866-0044

・ Address: 7-10-22-101 Minami Bessho, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture

・ Business hours: 12: 00-20: 00

・ Regular holiday: Every Wednesday, 3rd Thursday

・ Parking lot: 2 cars

・ WEB:




Snowboarding is the ultimate reality.If you like snowboarding, please come and check out the empty shops that have been restricted from before Corona without mail order.

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