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Change the business form from this season!To a workshop-type shop where you can solve the problems of snowboarders.I don't get better, I don't know the gear care settings, I don't have any friends, I want advice and slip with good people!It is a shop that fulfills such worries.Maybe I failed to choose a gear !? I have no friends and my progress has stopped!Please come visit us.


There is also a free-run test that shows your skiing skills, which was well received last season, and a special course that allows you to pass a batch test and B-class intra in a short period of time at a JSBA accredited school!The annual secret powder run tour is also being held!

·phone number:048-647-2888

・ Address: Ota Building B3, 71-1 Daimon-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama

・ Business hours: Night-type irregular business!For details, go to the WEB

・ Regular holiday: Every Wednesday

・ Parking lot: Coin P available

・ WEB:http://www.45network.com

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