See you Next year, AK.

Eventually, in the mountains deeper than Books, my mobile sounded a warning sound and managed to return, but I could not fix it due to a computer problem.

As a result, I was able to lend me a newer model of skidoo.

Anyway, a little old mobile has a lot of problems

There are a lot of mobiles that are broken and waiting for repair on the Thompson Pass, everyone is having a hard time.

I wish I had gone to an industrial club 

But it's the best.

Really incredible

A feeling of a kite with a broken thread

But I'm going home  

Sometimes even sake

It seems that the cherry blossoms were in full bloom in Japan

I've missed it for the last 5 years.

But I'm seeing cherry blossoms in September in New Zealand. ..The cherry blossoms presented by the Japanese government. ..

I didn't go there last year so I haven't seen it


The most independent crew among Japanese crews  

The Heart Films crew is back from the glacier camp.It ’s only Japanese and it ’s a great crew.

Yuta Watanabe is a nice guy who is also tame and has a strong passion. I think it's amazing to be independent in Canada.

Kazu Fujita was with us at the camp in Tateyama, and Jackie, who participated in Filmer, was connected to Hakuba.

A commemorative photo in front of you

  The reason why I don't have tattoos is hot springs 

Otherwise I'll put in various things

  Last day of ASG The best end without any accidents this season
  It was an honor to be involved with Bryan Iguchi this year.

  Meet Pat Moore, who slipped on Jackson, and Scott Bram, who loves Replant's k-ta model, for the first time in Baker.

And Mr. Iguchi invited me to take him to Anchorage, Big Man.

  Next stop! San Jose! San Jose!

Go to Santa Cruise's Gabe!