Live stream SCLOVER BIG AIR on Youtube !! Watch the hot battle that decides the best in Japan from 20 top riders gathered at Hoshino Resort Nekoma Ski Resort on Youtube !!

The total prize money is 330 million yen !!! BIG AIR Snowboard Men's No. XNUMX deciding match in Japan !!!
In addition to the super hot men's invitation riders gathered at Nekoma Ski Resort, Hoshino Resort
A battle to decide the best in Japan for a total of 2020 riders, including the members who won the general qualifying on March 3, 4!
Good news for you who thought "Sorry, I can't watch it" !!
Owarai tarento Iwa-chan on "RIDE FOR A SMILE" and Ritsu Fujinuma, who distributes fun riding videos on youtube, are on site.
It was decided to live stream the hot battle on "Youtube's Itaru Fujinuma channel" as an emergency mission in a hurry!

We will deliver plenty of riding for the final on March 3th (Thursday), the after contest on March 5th (Friday) and the luxury mens !!

Please take a look at the live stream.
Itaru Fujinuma channel

Livestream URL
(In case of schedule change, the URL may change.Itaru Fujinuma Channel HomePlease check more)
March 3th (Thursday) 5: 13-
The competition was canceled today due to strong winds.
If it is possible to interview players, there may be a special live stream.

March 3th (Friday) 6: 09-
The live delivery time has changed. DAY3 will be available from 9:15 am.


sponsored by SNOWFACT,
Measurement cooperation: NTT Communication Science Laboratories Sports Brain Science Project
Facility provided by: Hoshino Resorts Nekoma Ski Resort / Hoshino Resorts Bandaisan Onsen Hotel

March 3th (Wednesday) DAY 1_Photo:

The tournament was canceled without spectators due to the influence of the coronavirus, but the players made high-performance oversized jumps one after another.
In the current situation of suffering from lack of snow in various places, there is enough snow in the environment of Urabandai, and a world-class kicker has been splendidly created at Hoshino Resort Nekoma Ski Resort.
At this competition, the "Sports Brain Science Project" will be measured in parallel with research to develop methods to support sports progress.

Tournament official SCHEDULE DAY3_last day

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