Speed-oriented powder & hard burn manual carving board "DAYLIFE-THRUSTER"_Scooter Snowboard with S-camber

Enjoy cruising on both powder and hard burn



150 left, 160 right

Scooter Snowboard
Size: 146, 150 (Women's), 153, 156, 160 (Men's)
Price: ¥ 115,500 (tax included)

Based on the manual carving masterpiece "DAYLIFE", which can be said to be the origin of Scooter, the "DAYLIFE-THRUSTER" was designed as a model that pursues carving performance in powder and hard burns at a high level.

Adopting S-camber that brings out more speed while reducing snow surface resistance, it balances buoyancy in powder, stability and turning performance in hard burn.By lifting the center part of the low camber and slowly connecting it to the nose kick with a large R, it reduces the resistance from the snow surface and balances acceleration and stability. Run comfortably at speed.

You can enjoy the best powder turns with full drive on open burns.The biggest attraction of this board is not only the buoyancy, but also the fact that you can fully enjoy turning on your own line in the powder.

A fishtail is used for the tail, but since the tail length and kick are firmly extended to the tip, switch riding is no problem.It's a board that can handle freeriding while putting in various tricks in freestyle.

In addition, 146 and 160 were added as new sizes, and 150 was changed to a slightly soft flex.I'm happy to be able to select from two sizes for women, 146 and 150, and three sizes for men, 2, 153, and 156.

If you want to enjoy snowboarding all around, and want to feel comfortable carving turns on compacted snow while emphasizing powder, please try this board.

S-camber with a firm camber arch and a gentle rocker shape on the nose.
The nose section has a square shape that protrudes slightly at the tip to ensure sufficient buoyancy, allowing you to enjoy light running in powder.
The tail part is a fish tail that enables smooth and quick control.However, the shape is enough for switch riding.
Glossy metallic design that symbolizes high quality and high performance, and the graphic reproduction power of Scooter's advanced painting technology is truly beautiful.

> Pre-emptive gear special feature: Scooter Snowboard
>A representative model "DAYLIFE" that condenses Scooter's technology to enjoy comfortable free riding anyway
>"DAYLIFE-VERNIER" where you can freely run around in the powder and enjoy the topography and compacted snow carving
>Carving boards "MACHS" and "GRAN'MACHS" that adopt the shape of a powder board and pursue good running.

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