Definitely worth it depending on how you use it!Rusutsu Resort Ski Resort's advance lift ticket "25 hour ticket + 5" will be on sale for a limited time from November 11st (Wednesday)!

We have received high praise both domestically and internationally, including the ``Japan's Best Ski Resort Award'' four times and the ``Japan's Best Ski Resort Hotel Award'' four times from the World Ski Awards, which evaluates ski resorts around the world. Rusutsu Resort, Hokkaido.It is truly a resort that represents Japan both in name and reality.

Snowboarders and skiers from all over Japan, as well as skiers from all over the world, visit here in search of its vast snowfield and superb snow quality.In the past SBN FREERUN, we talked about the charm of Rusutsu in the article below (Hiroshi Amami × Rusutsu snow compaction operator,Yuri Okubo gives Rusutsu his stamp of approval) is introduced.

This season, it has been talked about in some quarters that the price of a one-day ticket to Rusutsu will further increase from 1 yen last season (8,800 yen two seasons ago) to 2 yen, but there are various reasons for this. It seems that there is.

When we interviewed Rusutsu Resort, they explained as follows.

This time, we will continue to raise the price of lift tickets as we did last season, but this is not just to respond to rising prices and labor shortages, but also to improve the quality of the special "experience" you can get at Rusutsu Resort, and to improve safety. This is a strategic price review aimed at further improving the satisfaction of the many fans who return every year, including further evolution of the product.As Hokkaido's leading ski resort, Rusutsu Resort aims to become the No. 1 ski resort not only in Japan but also in Asia, and one of the world's leading ski resorts, by further strengthening its efforts to improve customer satisfaction. I'll come.

Meanwhile, as a countermeasure, Rusutsu seems to be increasing the appeal of online sales by setting the online sales price for one-day tickets at 1 yen this season, making the price significantly different from ticket sales.The aim is to alleviate crowding at ticket offices and ensure smoother gate entry.

Of course, the increase in the price of a one-day ticket will be a blow to skiers from Hokkaido and Honshu, and even more so locals, but as in last season, there is a 1-hour ticket that allows you to ski in one-hour increments across dates during the season. It seems that they will develop it as a highly recommended product.This allows you to ski for a few hours at a time, depending on the conditions, making it very convenient for both Hokkaido locals and long-term skiers, and depending on how you use it, it's definitely a great value lift ticket.

Additionally, after you have used up your 25 hours, you can purchase an additional ``Top-up 5-hour ticket'' at an even better price, and the more you use it, the more you save.

From November 2023, 11 (Wednesday), advance lift tickets for the 1-2023 season, ``24 Hour Ticket + 25'', will be sold for a limited time. Advance lift tickets are on sale for the same price as the 5-hour ticket, but come with an additional 25 hours of benefits.

We hope that Rusutsu will further improve customer satisfaction in the future, and that you can enjoy Hokkaido's finest powder at a smart and economical price by using the advance lift ticket ``25-hour ticket + 5''.

Advance lift ticket “25 hour ticket +5”
・Sales period: November 2023, 11 (Wednesday) to December 1, 12 (Friday)
・Sales price: Adult (19-64 years old) 30,000 yen
Senior (65 years old and over) 25,000 yen
Junior and senior high school students (13-18 years old) 25,000 yen
Child (4-12 years old) 15,000 yen
・Purchase method: Online shop on Rusutsu Resort homepage (credit card payment only)
・Ticketing method: Rusutsu Resort Ticket Center counter or pick-up box (automatic ticketing machine)
・ Official website:

▼What is the advance lift ticket “25 hour ticket +5”?

``Advance 25-hour ticket + 5'' is a ``ticket containing 25 5-hour tickets'' that includes a 1-hour ticket plus 30 hours of benefits.When you first pass through the gate, one hour will be deducted from your IC lift ticket, leaving you with 1 hours left.You can pass through the gate as many times as you like within 29 hour from the subtracted timing.From then on, the amount will be deducted every hour, giving you a total of 1 hours of usage.

▼Definitely worth it depending on how you use it!

①The hourly price for the 25-hour advance ticket + 5 tickets is 1 yen for adults. Save 1,000% compared to a 1,000-hour ticket, and save 25% with a 17-hour ticket!
② If you use it for 1 hours a day, you can enjoy it 5 times, and if you use it for 6 hours a day, you can enjoy it 1 times.
③ After you have skied for the full hour after passing the gate, your credit will not be deducted until you pass the gate the next time, so you can take a leisurely lunch break while you are not skating.If you use it efficiently, you can enjoy a meaningful season to your heart's content at your own pace.

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