The popular AGENT has been revived for the first time in two seasons since the start of ROME SDS !! Thorough comparative study of the current popular model NATIONAL and the two most popular models

AGENT was a popular model that was used by many snowboarders as a versatile freestyle board from the first year of Rome.However, with the advent of the next-generation freestyle board with FUSION CAMBER called NATIONAL, AGNENT was in a short break for two seasons.
However, this season, AGENT is back in the lineup again.The new AGENT uses the same hybrid camber (FUSION CAMBER) as NATIONAL.Originally, AGENT is a concept of a board that demonstrates the best performance in park riding.While the shape returns to the origin with a twin, it adopts the latest camber and reappears.
The two have excellent performances that represent AGENT, NATIONAL, and ROME, but you may be wondering which one to choose this season.There are some similarities, but there are also differences.Here, I would like to thoroughly pursue these two characteristics.

RIDER: Mikito Yamamura

What kind of board was the original AGENT?
> Concept & Shape
The concept is an all-mountain freestyle board.It has been developed as a freestyle board that can handle anything from high-speed carving, powder, and jumping to smooth riding.The shape is Almost Twin, which is very close to a twin shape.The camber shape is an orthodox positive camber.

> Riding feeling
Although the park element was strong, the carving performance was also good, and it was highly evaluated in many riding scenes.Also, almost all the riders liked AGENT.

What kind of board was the original NATIONAL?
> Concept & Shape
NATIONAL has appeared as a next-generation freestyle board.It has strong characteristics as an all-mountain board, and as a board for sliding the entire mountain, it has improved power and response performance, and has performance that corresponds to any riding.Adopts a directional shape and a fusion camber (so-called hybrid).The original AGENT was not a full twin, but the National had a longer nose, and the shape of the nose and tail was different, but the insert position was set to the twin position with respect to the side cut.

> Riding feeling
By improving the power and response of the board, the repulsion and reaction in the park will be improved, and the free riding performance will be improved.Specifically, the side cut is deeper than the Agent, so the turn is even better.Even with powder, the rocker area with a slight nose (& tail) gives an appropriate amount of buoyancy and is easy to ride. With the advent of National, the Agent was removed from the lineup, and all riders on the Agent switched to National.Nationl will soon become a popular model, matching the trend of shifting from park to freeride.Riders were accepted as a reliable board for their ability to squeeze carvings and attack jumps, banks and sometimes backcountry jumps.

RIDER: Mikito Yamamura

What is the new AGENT?
While National has strengthened the directional and can enjoy the wonderful performance of the turn, there was also a voice that wants to ride a hybrid camber board with a sense of stability of the twin and moderate looseness, so this season AGENT is Re-appeared as a new model.While the camber has the same fusion camber as NATIONAL, AGENT prioritizes stability in park riding.It has a flex that makes it easy to perform board presses, and riders also evaluate the jib and press as being in very good condition.In addition, Atsuhiro Suzuki, who currently belongs to the national team, has proved his high performance by participating in a domestic slope contest with this Agent and winning the championship.


Comparison of specifications between the new AGENT and NATIONAL
Comparison of riding feeling between new AGENT and NATIONAL
> Carving
NATIONAL, which has a more powerful board, has a higher sense of stability and sharpness at high speeds.
> Trick
National feels like an accurate response, but Agent is an easy-to-play flex that makes it easy to press and trick.
> Powder
There is no big difference between them except the control preference due to the difference in flex.
> Recommended
AGENT is for snowboarders who want a board that can be used all-round while sliding mainly in the park.On the other hand, NATIONAL likes high-speed carving and free riding with repulsive force.Or for snowboarders who want a board that can handle the entire mountain, including the park, and all weather conditions.

Rider comment: Yuri Okubo
"National is easy to handle and I thought I could go anywhere with this one. It's a board that can jump firmly and is comfortable to ride. On the other hand, it is very easy to jump as well as Agent, but jib is especially easy to do. I think the press will be more fun than usual. "

Yuri Okubo