road trip

Hello everyone, nice to meet youMitsugu Toyoda.
This time, I will start Blog from sbn.
Thank you to everyone who always visits the sbn homepage.

Immediately, the first blog departs from Myoko, Niigata prefecture, goes back and forth between local Chigasaki, Tokyo, and Chiba, and travels over 2000k with the final destination, Shiga prefecture.

In my hometown Chigasaki, skateboardstarting points school andToyoda skbsDelivery.
God Hands to get in shapeNaito senseiAlso for treatment of.
I'm making Toyoda skbsrevelation surfboardsTo the place of my best friend Tappy who has a factory of.
In Tokyo, maintenance of Dodge-kun in preparation for a long tripBe-in worksKatsu-kun's reunion with a friend for the first time in a long time and Tommy Guerrero's reunion for the first time in 30 years.

And the main event of the trip is ShigaHuckle Berry.
I ran 450k one way and managed to arrive even though I was about to sleep and moss.

And I came back to Myoko for the first time in 3 weeks.


Dodge-kun, who crosses the Americas, isn't that far away.
I couldn't paint because I didn't have the budget, and I couldn't paint it.

I also got a Japanese car, but for the last 20 years or more, it's only German cars and American cars ..
I am no longer fascinated by the convenient and comfortable Japanese cars that can reach my itchy cousin.
Since snowy mountains are also a workplace, 4x4 is the best, but as a result of riding various things such as FF, FR, I did it again .. FR




So I made a quick bed ~

Because it is 2m wide, you can sleep sideways zzz ...
Completed winding with soundproof mat, sponge and synthetic leather.

It's cool ~

I loaded up my luggage, so I left.


In ChigasakiHOSOI surfAnd skate school with our customers.
Look at my parents' faces, God HandsNaito senseiI also received treatment.
In Tokyo, tommy's live performance and reunion with friends.
I also appeared in this Be-in works with Katsu-kun, who is indebted to me.

While in TokyoGo UedaI'm kind of scared because I haven't contacted






This time I tried to make this two pieces on top of my houseHOSOI surfMr. Kenya and Mr. Megumi's customers.

The light blue cruiserPoseidon surfLeave it to Junko-san.Thank you very much.

The restRelaxKoshimizu-kun and this order will be finished soon!


This isrevelationFactory.

best friend'sTappyI'm making surfboards and skateboards at my workshop, and I'm cheating on the orders I received here.

This mercedes V class was handed over by Tappy after riding for XNUMX years.

Thank you for taking good care of yourself.


By the way, in ShigaHuckle BerrySuppose you are heading to.

Every year, I stay at the owner Yoshida's house for about two weeks in spring and autumn, and I live like my own house, and I am in a state of a palace with three meals and a nap.

Jojo Jojo V8 5.2ℓ is an average of 80 kg ...
.. more

Toyoda passes through Toyoda ..


Hitomi-chan, thank you for always washing your pants.
Even though it's my best friend's house, I don't have an Ossan who stays for two weeks at the age of 46 ..
Yoshithank you.I love it.

This time also Huckle Berry &3S Starting Point Thank you to everyone who participated in Skate school for spending valuable time and visiting us.

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